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Illegal and not entirely legal earnings on the Internet

In such cases one individual uploads a file to a file hosting service, which others may download. Legal history is documented in case law. For example in the case of Swiss - German file hosting service RapidSharein the US government's congressional international anti- piracy caucus declared the site a "notorious illegal site", claiming that the site was "overwhelmingly used for the global exchange of illegal movies, music and other copyrighted works".

Their indictment concluded that Megaupload differed from other online file storage businesses, suggesting a number of design features of its operating model as being evidence showing a criminal intent and venture.

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Please improve the article by adding more descriptive text and removing less pertinent examples. See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for further suggestions. In that case, the Court determined that the Kazaa file sharing system had "authorized" copyright infringement.

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The claim for damages was subsequently settled out of court. In the case of AFACT v iiNet which was fought out in the Federal Courtan internet service provider was found not to be liable for the copyright infringement of its users. The case did not, however, create a clear precedent that Australian ISPs could never be held liable for the copyright infringement of their users by virtue of providing an internet connection.

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AFACT and other major Australian copyright holders have stated their intention to appeal the case, or pursue the matter by lobbying the government to change the Australian law. Canada[ edit ] The Copyright Modernization Act was passed inand came into effect on 2 January China[ edit ] The People's Republic of China is known for having one of the most comprehensive and extensive approaches to observing illegal and not entirely legal earnings on the Internet activity and censoring information in the world.

Mainland China requires sites that share video files to have permits and be controlled by the state or owned by state. These permits last for three years and will need renewal after that time period.

This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. It is a bait-and-switch.

Web sites that violate any rules will be subject to a 5-year ban from providing videos online. It was shut down by the State Administration of Radio Film and Television for not obtaining a license to legally distribute media such as audio and video files.

No it’s not your money: why taxation isn’t theft

Being one of the primary file sharing websites for Chinese citizens, this shutdown affected the lives of many internet users in China. China options to buy dollars an online population of If the user only views it directly through a web browser, streaming it from a website that hosts it, he or she is apparently doing nothing wrong.

With regard to file-sharing, MEPs agreed to compromise between protecting copyright and protecting user's rights.

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A European Parliament statement reads "A user's internet access may be restricted, if necessary and proportionate, only after a fair and impartial procedure including the user's right to be heard. Demonstration in Sweden in support of file sharingIn response to copyright violations using peer to peer file sharing or BitTorrent the content industry has developed what is known as a graduated responseor three strikes system.

The EARN IT Act: How to Ban End-to-End Encryption Without Actually Banning It

Consumers who do not adhere to repeated complaints on copyright infringement, risk losing access to the internet. The content industry has thought to gain the co-operation of internet service providers ISPsasking them to provide subscriber information for IP addresses identified by the content industry as engaged in copyright violations. Consumer rights groups have argued that this approach denies consumers the right to due process and the right to privacy.

The European Parliament passed a non-binding resolution in April admonishing laws that would require ISPs to disconnect their users and would prevent individuals from acquiring access to broadband.

Online Activities Covered by Section 230

In order to pursue those that download copyrighted material the individual committing the infringing must be identified. Internet users are often only identifiable by their Internet Protocol address IP addresswhich distinguishes the virtual location of a particular computer.

A guest blog by Philip Goff. Most on the economic left start from the assumption that it is all things being equal a bad thing that the state takes our money from us, but hold that this prima facie bad is justified by the public goods which taxation makes possible. The economic right believe that the right to pre-tax income is inalienable, or at least that it is trumped only by the absolute necessity of providing the basic requirements of society, such as roads and rule of law.

Using ISP subscriber information the content industry has thought to remedy copyright infringement, assuming that the ISPs are legally responsible for the end user activity, and that the end user is responsible for all activity connected to his or hers IP address. UPC Nederland. According to Dutch law ISPs can only be ordered to provide personal subscriber data if it is plausible that an unlawful act occurred, and if it is shown beyond a reasonable doubt that the subscriber information will identify the person who committed the infringing act.

Legal aspects of file sharing

In Germany court specifically considered the right to privacy and in March the German Federal Constitutional Court ruled that ISPs could only give out IP address subscription information in case of a "serious criminal investigation".

The court furthermore ruled that copyright infringement did not qualify illegal and not entirely legal earnings on the Internet a serious enough offense.

Subsequently, in Aprilthe Bundestag German parliament approved a new law requiring ISPs to divulge the identity of suspected infringers who infringe on a commercial scale.

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The law, which would enter into effect on 1 Aprilwould allow copyright holders to request the IP addresses and names of copyright infringement suspects in order to take legal action against them. The copyright holders, though, should present sufficient evidence of harm to justify the release of information regarding the Internet subscribers.

Ruling on a case involving a copyright holder who employed a third party to collect IP addresses of suspected copyright infringers, the Italian Data Protection Authority ruled in February that the systematic monitoring peer-to-peer activities for the purpose of detecting copyright infringers and suing them is prohibited.

Courts have consistently held that exercising traditional editorial functions over user-submitted content, such as deciding whether to publish, remove, or edit material, is immunized under Section As one moves farther away from these basic functions, immunity may still exist, but the analysis becomes more fact-specific. While the case law addressing some of these activities is still developing, generally speaking Section provides immunity for the following actions: Screening objectionable content prior to publication. This is the quintessential activity that Section was meant to immunize, and courts have consistently held that screening content prior to publication does not make an interactive computer service liable for defamatory material it does publish on its site.

Initially, customers will be telephoned by Eircom to see if they are aware of the unauthorized downloads. When customers are identified for a third time they will lose their internet connection for 7 days, if caught for a fourth time they will lose their internet connection for a year.

Unlike most other countries, Copyright infringement is not just a civil offense, but a criminal one, with penalties of up to ten years for uploading and penalties of up to two years for downloading.

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