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She's worked in the IT field for about 10 years.

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The one mistake companies make that leaves them vulnerable to phishing attacks is Not having the right tools in place and failing to train employees on their role in information security.

Employees possess credentials and overall knowledge that is critical to the success of a breach of the company's security.

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One of the ways in which an intruder obtains this protected information is via phishing. The purpose of phishing is to collect sensitive information with the intention of using that information to gain access to otherwise protected data, networks, etc. A phisher's success is contingent upon establishing trust with its victims.

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We live in a digital age, and gathering information has become much easier as we are well beyond the dumpster diving days. There are various phishing techniques used by attackers: Embedding a link in an email that redirects your employee to an unsecure website that requests sensitive information Installing a Trojan via a malicious email attachment or ad which will allow the intruder to exploit loopholes and obtain sensitive information Spoofing the sender address in an email to appear as a reputable source and request sensitive information Attempting to obtain company information over the phone by impersonating a known company vendor or IT department Here are a few steps a company can take to protect itself against phishing: Educate your employees and conduct training sessions with mock phishing scenarios.

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Deploy a SPAM filter that detects viruses, blank senders, etc. Keep all systems current with the latest security patches and updates. Install an antivirus solution, schedule signature updates, and monitor the antivirus status on all equipment.

Develop a security policy that includes but isn't limited to password expiration and complexity.

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Deploy a web filter to block malicious websites. Encrypt all sensitive company information. Require encryption for employees that are telecommuting.

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There are multiple steps a company can take to protect against phishing. They must keep a pulse on the current phishing strategies and confirm their security policies and solutions can eliminate threats as they evolve. It is equally as important to make sure that their employees work on the Internet proven sites without attachments the types of attacks they may face, the risks, and how to address them.

Prevent Phishing Attacks

Informed employees and properly secured systems are key work on the Internet proven sites without attachments protecting your company from phishing attacks. He obtained his B. The one mistake companies make that leads them to fall victim to phishing attacks is Careless internet browsing. Companies fall prey to phishing attacks because of careless and naive internet browsing.

Instituting a policy that prevents certain sites from being accessed greatly reduces a business' chance of having their security compromised.

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It's also important to educate your employees about the tactics of phishers. Employees should be trained on security awareness as part of their orientation. Inform them to be wary of e-mails with attachments from people they don't know.

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Let them know that no credible website would ask for their password over e-mail. Additionally, people need to be careful which browsers they utilize.

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Read all URLs from right to left. The last address is the true domain. He has worked within the information technology and security fields for over fifteen years and speak nationally on risk management, governance and security topics. There are several human and technological factors that companies should consider to avoid falling victim to phishing attacks: On the subject of security breaches and social engineering, some of the most high profile breaches Target, Sony were instigated with phishing campaigns.

Study says plasma infusions, administered early, can keep older patients from many severe effects. In Seattle, which has been a center of the virus outbreak in the United States, internet traffic started spiking on Jan.

In the case of Target, a 3rd party was compromised via email which allowed the malicious actors to eventually access the Target network. The emails are crafted to resemble correspondence from a trustworthy source government, legal, HR, bank, etc.

Social Engineering Attacks: Common Techniques & How to Prevent an Attack | Digital Guardian

Employees need to make sure that they understand the risks when opening email attachments or clicking on links from unfamiliar sources, for these can lead to malware or virus infection. This is best covered in an effective security education program.

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A big component of protecting against phishing is employee training that actually works. Most security training delivered in the enterprise today is either a yearly event or held at employee orientation.

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If the training is given online the employees rapidly click through the content, ignoring most of the information. This is usually done at lunch while surfing other content. If actually given in person, the training is usually a deck of PowerPoint slides in small font narrated by an uninterested speaker for an hour.

There are several different technological approaches to combating phishing attacks.