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In this instalment of the Face2Face series, Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, will engage in a conversation with a popular trader, whose identity remains unknown, but he is a stock trader who is quite famous in the stock market for his skills, and he is only known through his twitter handle face trading it PAV Leader.

This video is the most helpful for beginners who are aspiring to be part-time stock traders in the market; face trading it those people who do not have the time needed to dedicate to stock trading on a large scale, due to their jobs and businesses. We will discuss the sources and the ways he learnt more about the stock market, and how he learnt about the importance of risk management and position sizing. Next, Mr. PAV will begin his technical discussion with an interactive presentation to show us his own trading setup and his experiences with the stock market.

We will begin our conceptual way by discussing why price action is the most efficient way to track the trends in the stock market. With some examples, we will understand how price action helps us trace the supply and demand trends in the stock market.

We will also talk about the benefits of efforts over research, which we can trace through price spreads, and the importance of understanding cause-and-effects and context in the stock market. We will explore multiple cases, to options in gk how our speaker chooses the stocks he wants to trade profitably, through price-action.

We will see how the strength of trends can affect our trading decisions. Lastly, our speaker will use his expertise on price-action stock trading to create a suitable trading plan for working people.

In this video of the Face2Face series, Mr. Amit Kumar Gupta, who has years of experience of portfolio creation in international and domestic stock markets. We will begin our discussion with an introduction to Mr. Gupta, how he became a portfolio manager and a stock market investor. We will touch upon his very own logic and rules of thumb behind his approach to efficient portfolio creation, asset allocation and diversification. Following this, Mr. Gupta will start his exhaustive and knowledgeable presentation on we can all create and manage our portfolios through the most efficient investing and trading decisions.

Green Face Trading

Gupta will start his discussion with discussion with the concept of scuttlebutt, and how this term used in firms has evolved to become quite useful while conducting fundamental analysis of profitable stocks in the market. Considering his face trading it experience, Mr. Gupta will discuss examples of where and how he used this concept to create the best possible diversified and efficient portfolio for his clients. Next, we will begin our conceptual discussion on the fundamental analysis of stocks for portfolio management, by talking about the various books and movies that beginners can use to learn more about the practicalities of the stock market, and how the face trading it around us can affect the information we use to make our trading or investing decisions.

We will continue with the pros and cons of identifying and investing in cyclical stocksand how to identify the cycles of these stocks to catch them at their best prices.

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To put this knowledge into a practical perspective, Face trading it. Gupta will pick up a case study to better explain how scuttlebutt, asset allocation and cyclical face trading it together can help us achieve an effective allocation in our portfolio. Gupta will discuss a unique topic, about the various cultural factors that can affect our decision-making process when we begin making our portfolio, and how these factors can influence our mindset when we decide upon the stocks. We will see how we can also use these factors, among others, to confirm ongoing trends in price movements in the stock market.

Finally, Mr.

Gupta will combine all the knowledge shared in this video, to help beginners and experts alike, come up with an action plan to achieve the best kind of asset allocation, and diversification for their portfolio. Jiten Parmar about the fundamentals of value investing, by taking up some informative case studies on cyclical investing and how to choose the face trading it cyclical stocks for our investment.

We will start this video with a revision of the basics of a good value investing, especially when cyclical stocks are involved, and how we can gain an edge over the stock market with a positive attitude even during a bearish phase in the stock market. Next, we will talk about the basic definition of contra thinking and how we can use it to our advantage in long bearish phases in the stock marketto find the best cyclical stocks investments for us.

Next, we come to the main focus of this video where we will begin with the exhaustive case studies to show how cyclical investing, combined with the basics of value investingcan help us find the most profitable opportunities in the market. In the first case, we will see a case with a graphite company, to see how herd mentality can affect our profits in the long-run, and we will see how the trade in the case study will play out for each type of face trading it, and when should we enter and exit with such underlying circumstances for the stock.

In the next case, we will see a trade in a paper company. Parmar will show us his logic behind his entry and exit in the trade to show how he uses the fundamentals of value and cyclical investing to figure out the right time to exit a trade.

We will also see this justification through the stock prices in the case study. With a case study on two polyfilm companies, we will take a look at the various fundamental parameters that can make a cyclical industry stand out to retail value investors, and the importance of catching the right timing to attain the best value for our investment.

We will learn about how cyclical stocks give us a great advantage by giving us periodical opportunities for profitable long-term investing. With a mining company, we will see how a boost in sales has helped investors find a value investment, and how the cash and asset holdings can affect our decisions to invest in them. With such more case studies, we will explore the practical applications of each basic rule-of-thumb when it comes to value investment and cyclical investing.

Jiten Parmar, an experienced investor and entrepreneur, who will discuss the fundamentals of value investing with us. While Mr. Parmar began in career in the US, he started his first company there, and came back to India, where he began a new business, and began his journey in the stock market, and made profits despite the crisis of Parmar will discuss the basics of the various types of cyclicality and how they can affect our investing decisions, face trading it how this knowledge began his journey towards his skills of value investing and fundamental analysis.

Next, we will start our discussion on the basics of fundamental analysis and value investing. Parmar will discuss some of the struggles that value investors have often had to face in recent years and how they have overcome those to make sure that value investing as a style stays alive.

We will next discuss the players of the stock market, and where do the value face trading it fit in amongst these participants.

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We will discuss face trading it polarization of the market towards the focus of value investment strategies towards small and mid-cap companies in the market. Next, we will see how we can identify if we are good at value investing or not, and how we should formulate investment strategies accordingly. Next, we will see how value investors win big and lose small with their various trading and investment strategies with some basics.

We will also see some case studies to see these strategies in action, and how we can simplify the various facets of value investing to make the process easier for us. We will discuss the essential features of a good investor and a value investor, and the importance of positivity for these investors. We will see the major investor traits like conviction, discipline, patience and simplicity, and discuss how they help us make the nest investing decisions.

With each of these traits, we will see some basic rules of thumb which can help us minimize our losses, like avoiding herd mentality, always learning, avoiding quests for multibaggers, etc. We will discuss the importance of analysing our mistakes and the importance of shifting our focus of investing towards what we can control instead of what we cannot.

Identify Face trading it bottoms using Virgin Price Action by Naresh Nambisan In this video of our Face2Face series, we will explore the basics of face trading it analysis to identify profitable investments in the stock market. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, will decode the science behind the usage of virgin price action to identify the most profitable stock bottoms which present good investment and trading opportunities, in an interview with Mr.

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Naresh Nambisan InMr. Nambisan began his stock market career, and we will see how the events of his trading and investing life, led him to acquire the knowledge that is required to identify the best trades and investments for long-term wealth creation and efficient wealth management.

To start our technical discussion, Mr. Nambisan will discuss the basics of virgin price action.

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  • Beginner traders will be able to learn about the basics and how to trade properly.
  • Shah has been in the stock market for over 20 years, and to begin this video, we will discuss the background of Dr.
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  • Когда они приблизились к обломкам, в сознании Элвина зародилась мысль, вскоре перешедшая в полную уверенность.

Nambisan will discuss the importance of trusting the charts to figure out the best opportunities for investments. We will further talk about how an edge over the market helps traders and investors stand apart from the crowd. Nambisan will discuss his own style of investing to show how he trades and invests as per his edge. Next, we will discuss the importance of following a process or a system that suits us best, irrespective of whatever is happening in the environment.

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Next, with some examples from his own trades, we will see how we can utilize stock bottoms after identifying them with the help of virgin price action, without the presence of any technical indicators. He will also give us a detailed process to understand how we can identify stock bottoms after identifying the right support and resistance levels through virgin price actions.

With this, Mr. Nambisan will also highlight how important it is to practice this identification before we actually apply it to the charts of various companies to make the best trades for our portfolio. Lastly, we will lay down a detailed process to make the most out of the investments in quality stocks, that we make in the stock market, as per our risk appetite, and trading and investing edge. We will also discuss the importance of experience which comes from practice of such a strategy.

Vivek Bajaj engaging in a conversation with Kunal Saraogi, a long-term investor and trader who will focus on the importance of technical analysis for long-term wealth creation. In our previous video with Mr. Saraogi, he discussed about the type of mindset we should prepare for ourselves before we face trading it the stock market.

Learning to Face to Face Trading Benefits

However, in this new video with him, Mr. Kunal Saraogi will be discussing the technical aspects of the stock market for wealth creations, specifically what type of tools we can be using for wealth creation through technical analysis.

Saraogi will first start by discussing his own experience as a trader and an investor, and he will discuss the differences between these two. Saraogi has had experience as both, and he discusses the advantages that long-term investing has over trading.

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Next, he will also discuss why it is just a myth that technical analysis is only for short term trades. We will talk about how all our beneficial trading and investing decisions can be rooted within the right combinations of the tools of technical analysis.

First, we will talk about how our perspective should be with technical charts if we are looking for wealthy creation. Saraogi will talk about why he uses monthly technical charts for this purpose. Next, he will discuss the advantages of a hyper-diversified investment portfolio over a hyper-concentrated face trading it.

He will show how a hyper-diversified investment portfolio automatically balances out as we apply stop losses to our options programs and give weight to better performing stocks. Saraogi will next show the practical applications of his investment and technical analysis philosophy through some real-life examples from his own investments.

With these charts, Mr. Saraogi will first prove the benefits of looking at monthly charts instead of short-term charts, if we are long-term face trading it instead of traders. Also, Mr Saraogi will show the importance of using some basic tools face trading it fundamental analysis along with technical analysis, to be well informed of our trades.

Next, he will also share some basic rules which we can use to identify beneficial stocks for our portfolio. Saraogi will also discuss some basics of choosing stocks in general, and which companies we face trading it be avoiding, to avoid any unnecessary risks.

Lastly, Mr. Saraogi will discuss some basics of swing tradingbased on his own philosophy and perspective in the market, and how using swing trading can a beginner can help people become seasoned traders who can be on their way to become disciplined experts in the stock market.

Manu Bhatia, who is a full-time trader, an IITian, and is someone who follows a unique school of thought when it comes to trading and investing in the stock market. Before we begin with the technical aspects of the video, Mr.

Reasons to Take a Face To Face Trading Course

Bhatia will discuss about his educational background, and the series of events that have possibly led him to become the type of trader that he has become in the market today. Bhatia has always been actively or passively involved in the markets since he was a young adult, and he talks about how his experience has shaped his face trading it on the markets as well.

Bhatia discusses the logic behind why he shares his MTM values publicly, despite it having multiple pros and cons. After putting his views forward, Mr. Bhatia puts forward his own ledger to show his recent trades, and how he operates his trades by using multiple brokers and investment platforms. Next, with a technical discussion, Mr.

Bhatia will discuss the basics of face trading it rule-based trading system. Bhatia will discuss why it is extremely beneficial for novice traders to try to adapt to a set of rules to trade in the trading robots chart. He will first discuss the basics of a trading system based on rules. We will also talk about the various types of tools and indicators, whether fundamental or technical, that can be used to build our trading system.

We will also discuss the advantages of a trading system with practical explanations and examples. With a trading system, we will also discuss the basics of a trading edge in the stock market and how a trading system and a trading edge relate to each other. We will face trading it provide a mathematical way of calculating our trading edge in the market, and Mr. Bhatia will explain it face trading it with some practical examples.

Bhatia will show us the basic flow behind a simple trading system and how we can create one to give ourselves a trading edge in the stock market.

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We will also discuss the basics of system hopping, and finally, Mr. Bhatia will practically apply his flow of the creation of a trading system, by creating a hypothetical system and laying down the stock market rules that can apply to it. Pankaj Singhal, who will be discussing the basics and the power of common sense investing and trading in face trading it stock market. First, Mr. Singhal will talk about the foundational events which took place in his life and his career, which led him to becoming a trader, and then an investor on a full-time basis.

Singhal will then discuss the reasons behind why he chose to go ahead with full-time investing in stock market and how he practices it after leaving his job. Next, he will give us a good approach towards investing or trading on a part-time basis, with the help of the right kind of knowledge and common sense.

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He will face trading it how we can find some great sectors in our own environment, through which we can invest in the share market with ease. With some practical examples, Mr. Bajaj and Mr. Singhal, with these examples, will lay down a simple process through which we can identify the right companies to invest in by doing efficient, but not cumbersome, research.

We will also discuss if the buy-and-hold strategy will work if we have to create a dynamically-changing portfolio, and the criteria we should follow to identify growth potential in a company. Next, we will discuss about the amount of stocks one can comfortably track and invest in, for their portfolio, if we decide to actively trade and invest in them.

We will also discuss some drawbacks of investing in mutual funds and the importance of our own research while building our portfolio. Singhal will pick up a case study to show how his basics of common-sense investing in share market worked for him. He will do so with the FMCG sector, considering food to be a basic, common-sensical approach to picking up the most basic elements for face trading it stock market investment.

Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, will shift his focus towards the basics of investing with Dealing center rating. Sajal Kapoor, an expert investor, who will decode the art of stock market investing with us.

This video is for those who are looking to learn stock market investingby discussing the essentials for the success of retail traders in the Indian Stock Market. Kapoor will first discuss his background, and how his experience in various sectors shaped his perspective as a market investor.

Kapoor will share his framework for investing, face trading it how it has changed face trading it the years, with an informational PowerPoint presentation. We will discuss the seven pillars of Mr.