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Frequently Asked Questions When does the chatroom offer? Our premium day trading chatroom offers multiple channels allowing you to chat with traders all around the world room trading hours a day. In our chatroom we have channels that range from swing trading, day trading, and options trading, Bonus rooms include video lessons.

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Lastly our chatroom service also offers classes two times per week in Tuesday and Thursday of each week. Do we offer live room trading Yes we offer live trading.

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Once you have joined our chatroom service you will be provided a private link to join our live trading room each day before market opens. How long do we trade with our members each day?

Room trading live meeting will usually start around am EST before market open. We will discuss different stock plays every morning before market open.

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We will then trade live with our members for hours each day while the market is open. Do we offer stock alerts?

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Yes, and No. We do offer stock alerts to an extent.

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Each day we trade live and we call out each and every stock we trade, when we enter our trade and when we exit our trade, win or lose. We encourage traders to spend some time with us in our live trading room and get comfortable with our trading style before trying to take any of our alerts.

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