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Almost all of the members are distraught over this, save for Natsu, who sees it as an opportunity to rise to number one again.

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Makarov opens the chamber and shows Gildarts the guild's greatest secret, Lumen Histoire. As Gildarts looks on in shock, Makarov explains that he is seeing the true nature of Fairy Tail, before informing Gildarts that he is to be the next guild master.

The two men speaking of Natsu and Gajeel continue, mentioning that one of them was once an apprentice of Gajeel's.

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The more silent of the two men states that they should not focus on the past, but before his partner can answer the two are attacked from behind. Easily defeating the enemy, the two reveal their identities, being the Dragon Slayer duo of Sabertooth, Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney.

Soon after, two ExceedsLector and Froschapproach them, citing they were doing reconnaissance.

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As the four head off, Sting voices his want to fight Natsu. Whilst the group all watching the spar discuss their improved strength and dependence on Twilight Ogre for finances over the seven years, Gray comments that aside from monstrously powerful members like Gildarts and Laxusthe rest of Team Tenrou is not strong enough in earnings on bitcoins on autopilot new world.

Lucy agrees, seeing how much trouble Natsu had against Max.

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Attempting to seek out a way to raise their Magic Power, Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Happy, Wendy and Carla all go to visit Porlyusica and ask for her help, but the elderly woman chases them away. After reading Gildarts' words on wanting Fairy Tail to be number one again, the guild express their doubt at ever reaching their former rank, though Romeo earnings on the Internet with gjvjom fyrtn steps forward and announces that he knows how to.

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Natsu gets angry at the old lady for scaring the child but Wendy states she isn't upset because of Porlyusica's anger, but because her voice and scent are similar to Grandeeney's. After logically suppressing the idea that Fairy Tail's medical adviser and the Sky Dragon are one and the same, the group begins to discuss what sort of connection the two could have. Before they can reach a conclusion, Porlyusica appears and states that she has nothing to hide from them, revealing that she is the "Grandeeney" of Edolasbecoming lost and stranded in Earth Land years ago.

Despite saying that she has never met Grandeeney, Porlyusica admits that the Sky Dragon has talked autobot options her through her heart with Magic, and that she had compiled a stack of papers with notes that contain information on Sky Dragon Slayer Magicwhich should help Wendy to become stronger.

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However, Porlyusica also cautions Wendy, stating that if not practiced carefully, two spells in particular, Milky Way and Shattering Light: Sky Drillcould destroy her body.

Before parting, both Wendy and Porlyusica share a smile.

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This motivates the missing Fairy Tail members, the group excitedly deciding to enter the competition and regain their former glory. Natsu asks Romeo when it is earnings on the Internet with gjvjom fyrtn, the latter replying that it will be held in three months.

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Despite the older members completely disapproving due to their failure in the Games in the past, Makarov confirms that they will enter and once again be Fiore's number one guild. Lucy summons Capricorn in order to help her remedy her weakness, the lack of Magic during critical moments. After following Capricorn's instructions and focusing on her task, the two begin to discuss the "One Magic", with Lucy concluding that she believes it to be love.

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Meanwhile, Gray, Juvia, Erza and Natsu also practice their Magic by themselves, whilst Levy helps Wendy read through the notes given to her by Porlyusica. That night, whilst the girls bathe in a hot spring, Lucy looks to the stars and vows to push herself as hard as she can to improve for her guild. Before they can continue however, Virgo appears and tells Lucy that the Celestial Spirit World may be in danger of being destroyed and her Spirits need Natsu and co.

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