40 Ways to Make Money Fast in India

How to make money in goa

A password will be e-mailed to you. Unfortunately,most money making ideas found in books and sometimes online are not very practical. Some need investments at a time when we do not have sufficient spare money. Others are time consuming and involve extensive labor. But you can make money fast in India without how to make money in goa investment or hiring workers.

Instead, they would like to extend their time abroad and start to look for ways to earn money on the road. Here are some ways to earn money while you travel: Passing fliers This is the easiest job to attain in any areas which offer parties such as Goa, Ibiza, Thailand Islands, Bali, Manali, and more.

In fact, these businesses are evergreen. Hence, you will get money round the year, with some extra effort and persistence. However, they require minimal investment. Others need no investment and involve only use of your existing resources.

40 Ways to Make Money Fast in India

Indian Railways Agent 1. You have two options here: enrol as agent with Indian Railways by paying a deposit of Rs. You will need a shop or can operate from home. Caregiver Caregivers are of various kinds. In recent years, caregiving has become big business in metro cities in India.

Usually, caregivers make about Rs. It is a noble way to earn money and helps nuclear families to care for elderly.

Teach a class This is one of the best ways to earn money while you travel. What are you good at? Ask hostels if you can teach for a small amount to their guests. In Goa especially there are a lot of girls teaching yoga. Some people here who are good at working out starting teaching fitness classes.

There are some debates about profitability of this work due to loss making operations in certain cities by these giant cab operators.

However, you can earn average Rs.

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You can make money fast by driving longer. Share Your Car Also for those having a good car in India, it is possible to make money fast by sharing the vehicle. Nowadays there are several online platforms where you can register to share your car. This allows you to cut costs on personal transport from home to workplace and make extra money. Rent Your Laptop Do you own a good laptop that is lying unused at home?

Make money fast by renting it out. There are several companies that provide laptops on rent. You can approach these companies or post an ad yourself on free classifieds.

Usually, business travellers rent laptops during brief visits to a city. Thousands of tourists and business visitors prefer staying earnings on bitcoin transfers homes rather than hotels due to safety and other reasons. You can register the room at Airbnb if you have one.

how to make money in goa

They are taken back by your bank and returned to Reserve Bank of India. Under How to make money in goa laws, RBI cannot refuse to accept a currency note because it is bears guarantee of the Government of India. You can buy these old, torn, damaged notes at low price and deposit in your account.

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Usually, old notes are bought at 15 to 20 percent lower prices than face value while you get the full amount for depositing in your bank account. You can participate in this boom by making homemade pickles, sauces and ketchups, jams and marmalade. Usually, these will sell like hot cakes at churches on Sunday mornings. Tiffin Service For those residing in metro cities, starting a tiffin service is the surest way to make money fast in India. Thousands of working women and men are unable to cook due to long commutes and social engagements.

Hence, they depend upon tiffin services for lunch and dinner. You can find how popular they are before launching.

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Depending upon what you serve and locality, you can charge up to Rs. Dropshipping You might not have heard of dropshipping. So here are basic details. Dropshipping means you book orders from customers online. And buy the stuff from dropshipping websites like Alibaba. You get lots of great stuff at very low prices. Add mark-up, pay the manufacturer who sells at bulk rate. The manufacturer will also deliver the product on your behalf.

Blogging Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online.

how to make money in goa

There are thousands of people that have made a big fortune simply by blogging. Surely you are passionate about something like movies, cricket, studies or fashion.

Read an excellent guide on how to become blogger. Write your thoughts and post online. You can open free blog at Blogger. If you have money, go for own website and post your articles. There are many Indian YouTubers who make millions. You too can open a free YouTube channel and post videos about something trending and make money from YouTube videos.

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Again, Google AdSense pays for ads it display between, before and after your video and when viewers click on banners on the side. Sell Herbal Juices Fitness bug seems to affect every woman and man, especially residents of metros.

You can make juices out of Neem, lemongrass, ginger, amla and lots of other fruits and leaves to sell. Each cup of ml sells like hot cakes and for Rs.

Multi-Level Marketing Use your social network to make money fast in India.

how to make money in goa

Sign-up with good multilevel marketing MLM company and become their associate. Here, you will buy nutritional supplements, beauty products and other similar stuff directly from the manufacturer.

Check out the interviews for their expert tips and a fascinating insight into their exotic lifestyles. Ways to Make Money Traveling: 1.

You will buy at company price and sell with a hefty mark-up. These companies hire freelance and part-time delivery boys to ensure fast delivery of food to customers.

They pay between Rs.

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This is a great way to make money fast in India if you have a motorcycle. Plus you also get tips from the customer. Deliver Parcels for Amazon etc.

how to make money in goa

With online buying in India growing fast, major sellers like Amazon and Flipkart among others, often struggle with timely deliveries to customers. You can sign-up with these companies to work as freelance delivery agent.

They pay you for the efforts and fuel, depending on how many deliveries you make per day.

how to make money in goa

Work as Part-Time Courier Taking of deliveries, small courier companies in India also look for local partners that can process and deliver letter and parcels to addressees. Generally, they look for people that own a two-wheeler and are willing to work extra hours to make money fast.