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    Overview We are a real estate development, syndication, asset management and services firm. We sponsor real estate investment programs to provide investors with the opportunity to acquire undivided fractional interests in unimproved real property intended to be developed and sold at a profit.

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    Specifically, we purchase parcels of unimproved land, divide those parcels into units of undivided interest with individual land titles, and sell those undivided land fractions, or ULFs, to investors at a price anticipated to be higher than our acquisition cost. After a portion of the real property has been sold to investors, LLP aina trading syndicated, through an ULF program, we work with engineers, planners and architects to get the approvals and plans required to develop the property, thereby increasing the value of the land.

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    We also locate and facilitate the engagement of homebuilders and other developers necessary to construct improvements on the property, thereby further increasing the aggregate value of the property for the benefit of the investors participating in the applicable ULF program. We expect to generate revenue through cci indicator for binary options sale of ULFs at a profit and through sharing in a portion of the profits, if any, to be generated from the ultimate sale of the improved property to end-users, residential or commercial builders, as applicable.

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    In connection with any master-planned community, we intend to prepare and oversee the implementation of plans that provide for infrastructure, neighborhoods, commercial and industrial areas, educational and other institutional or public facilities, adequate water supply, as well as open space, in compliance with regulations regarding reduction in emissions of greenhouse gasses.

    These often involve a number of different governmental jurisdictions and agencies, challenges through litigation, considerable risk and expense, and substantial delays. In addition, LLP aina trading LLP aina trading precondition to receipt of building-related permits, master-planned communities in Hawaii are typically required to pay impact and capacity fees, or to otherwise satisfy mitigation requirements.

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    These processes normally take 3 to 5 LLP aina trading. We intend to develop an extensive network of broker-dealer relationships in the future as our ULF programs gains market acceptance.