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Search Eric Nyman - trader, entrepreneur and philosopher Many traders-beginners neglectself-study and professional development. And these are the key factors of success. Most people who have made a fortune in financial markets are constantly learning and honing their skills.

Erik nyman small encyclopedia of trading this article we will talk about one of these professionals. Meet Eric Naiman.

Childhood The fate of the hero of this article was not simple. Eric Leontievich Naiman was born in Novosibirsk in The boy's family lived poorly. In order to feed his family, grandfather Erik native German moved to Ukraine in Back in Germany, he never returned.

Then mass repressions began, and the Naiman family constantly changed their place of residence. This continued until Erik's father decided to start a new life in Siberia. It was there that the hero of this article was born.

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All childhood of the boy passed in Novosibirsk. At the age of 12, Eric Naiman accidentally stumbled upona newspaper article devoted to stock market speculation. She inspired the boy so much that he decided to make his first million on it.

Even then, little Erik devoted all his spare time to the study of market laws. And this knowledge was very useful to him in the future. Learning After graduating from high school, Eric Naiman did notto move to Moscow. Although most of the youth of Novosibirsk, aspired to this. After all, the capital had much more prospects.

Eric Nyman - Trader, Entrepreneur and Philosopher - Trading - 2021

The teachers noted Naiman's remarkable mathematical abilities. Eric paid special attention to scientific areas related to money, logic, analysis and calculations. To plunge into the world of business, the young man decided while still a student. Together with one of the teachers Eric Naimanopened a brokerage firm "Spread".

The main direction of the company's activity was operations with securities. Unfortunately, the first business was unsuccessful. Then Eric took up vouchers, but did not take into account the specifics of the market and also failed.

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After that, the young man decided to focus exclusively on learning and improve his professional level. Job After graduating with honors, Naiman settled inone of the Novosibirsk companies as a manager for foreign economic activity.

In this position, Erik was able to improve financial skills and ability to predict the movement of prices in foreign exchange markets. Naiman was daily practiced inthe transfer of both our rubles and the American currency. During his work, he understood the imperfection of the education system.

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She absolutely did not prepare a specialist for activities in the real market. Therefore, the young trader decided to start from scratch, focusing on statistics, macroeconomics and financial analysis. Also Erik realized that some time should be devoted to studying the secrets of the trade of Western specialists. From toNyman worked as a financialanalyst at Alpha Capital.

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The young man was engaged in the trust management of funds erik nyman small encyclopedia of trading non-state pension funds and had access to securities of insurance companies. Eric also managed deposits from private investors.

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And he spent some part of his working time studying the specifics of mutual funds. Take-off of career Inthanks to the exceptional diligenceand the talent of Eric Naiman, whose biography is presented in this article, was given the position of manager at Polar-Invest. Three years later, he was hired as executive director at Interregional Finance Company.

For a young graduate with little experience, this was a very significant achievement. Educational activities and writing talent Trader Eric Nyman, whose success storyknown now to the whole world, realized not only in the profession. He is a good writer and is actively engaged in educational activities.

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The Trader's Small Encyclopedia is considered the most famous of them. This book has been published as many as 11 times. No less interesting are the other four works of Naiman: "Bill legislation in the Russian Federation", "The path to financial freedom", "How to buy cheap and sell high" and "Master Trading.

And the trader often conducts classes inschools, revealing to children the secrets of financial analysis and investment decisions.

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Naiman also has an authoring program developed specifically for our country. Visiting it, anyone can learn the basics of investing and speculation in the international market.

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Philosopher Eric doesn't like being calledan entrepreneur. He identifies himself as a philosopher. Many traders and businessmen believe that their business should not reflect on high matters.

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Eric has a different opinion. In his interviews, Naiman has repeatedly stated that a successful philosophical approach should be taken to work successfully on the currency exchange. Similar news.

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