The Game Theory of Asshole-dom

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Business Link Copied Smile at the customer. Bake cookies for your colleagues.

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  • Scott Fitzgerald, who wrote my all-time favorite novel, The Great Gatsby, and Ernest Hemingway, whose books I am still bitter about being forced to read in school.
  • We typically don't think of being an asshole as a good thing, but there's a difference between "good" assholes and "bad" assholes.
  • Rich people are jerks, explained - Vox
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Share credit. Leave the last doughnut for someone else. Sneer at the customer.

Why Are Rich People So Mean?

Keep your colleagues on edge. Claim credit. Speak first. Put your feet on the table. Withhold approval.

It's Not Your Imagination: Science Just Proved Rich People Are Assholes

Instill fear. Ask for more. And by all means, take that last doughnut. You deserve it. The only question is, which is which? Of all the issues that preoccupy the modern mind—Nature or nurture?

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Is there life in outer space? Does it pay to be assholes make money Or is there an advantage to being a jerk?

So it was a breath of fresh air when, inthere appeared assholes make money book that brought data into the debate. Salted with anecdotes of selfless acts that, following a Horatio Alger plot, just happen to have how to make a lot of money practice repaid with personal advancement, assholes make money book appears to have swung the tide of business opinion toward the happier, nice-guys-finish-first scenario.

And yet suspicions to the contrary remain—fueled, in part, by another book: Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson. Steve Jobs was an asshole and he was one of the most successful businessmen on the planet. But they do exist. At the University of Amsterdam, researchers have found that semi-obnoxious behavior not only can make a person seem more powerful, but can make them more powerful, period.

The same goes for overconfidence.

Why Being an Asshole Can Be a Valuable Life Skill

People will even pay to be treated shabbily: snobbish, condescending salespeople at luxury retailers extract more money from shoppers than their more agreeable counterparts do. The young man had been kicked out of his start-up by—Pfeffer speaks the words incredulously—the Stanford alumni mentor he himself had invited into his company.

Had there been warning signs? Yes, said the student.

  • One of them, Hal Steger, lived with his wife in a million-dollar house overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
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Narcissistic CEOs cluster near both extremes of the success spectrum. The former student looked lost. The python eats the chicken. She eats people like you for breakfast. Givers dominate not only the top of the success ladder but the bottom, too, precisely because they risk exploitation by takers.

The fact is, me-first behavior is highly adaptive in certain professional situations, just like selflessness assholes make money in others.

The question is, why—and, for those inclined to the instrumental, how can you distinguish between the two? Lance thought every wave assholes make money his, so when a fellow surfer, Aaron James, grabbed a wave well within the bounds of surfing etiquette, James was subjected, like many before and after him, to a profanity-laced diatribe.

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What an asshole, James thought as he picked up his board. Philosophers since Aristotle have been obsessed with categories, and James—who got a doctorate in philosophy at Harvard and teaches at the University of California at Irvine—is no exception.

What did I mean, exactly, by asshole? James honed a definition that he finally published in his book, Assholes: A Theory. That this reasoning is systematically, and not just occasionally, flawed is what separates him from merely being an ass. Measuring narcissism was tricky, Hambrick said.

Then he rolled all the results into a single narcissism indicator. How did the narcissists fare? Compared with average CEOs, they are more likely to make high-profile acquisitions in an effort to feed the narcissistic need for a steady stream of adulation. Some of these splashy moves work out. assholes make money

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It turns out that undisguised heelish behavior can often help you get ahead. Consider the assholes make money two scenes. When the waiter arrives to take his order, he looks up and nods hello. He crushes the cigarette under his shoe. High-powered people are more likely to take an extra cookie from a common plate, chew with their mouths open, spread crumbs, stereotype, patronize, interrupt, ignore the feelings of others, invade their personal space, and claim credit for their contributions.

He wanted to know whether breaking rules could help people ascend to power in the first place. Yes, he found. The norm-violating version of the man in the video was, in the eyes of viewers, more likely to wield power than his politer self. But the new field of evolutionary leadership has shed some light on the matter. Every last species of animal except Homo sapiens determines pecking order according to physical strength and physical strength alone.

Why It Pays to Be a Jerk

If you were to screen the movie Cool Hand Luke for an audience of chimps—something he has not done—they would have no trouble determining who prevails in the prison boxing scene: the hulking boss, Dragline, beats Luke until the title character can barely stand.

But the next scene would leave the chimps scratching their heads. Luke, the loser, has become the new leader of the prisoners. A human moviegoer could attempt to explain. But the chimps would just not get it. An undersized ape-man who knew a better way of finding berries or building a fire or trapping a gazelle could now, instead of being forced to accept beta status, attract a clientele who would trade deference for access to his expertise.

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Unlike dominance, which is mediated by fear, prestige is freely conferred. But once conferred, of course, it decisively changes the dynamic of power: five ordinary assholes make money can, in conjunction, overcome even the strongest single antagonist. The question is whether prestige supplanted dominance as the only path to power—or whether the older system also remains operational.

In one study, people who stole coffee for their group were much more likely to be put in charge. Using data from North Carolina high schools, Faris uncovered a pattern showing that, contrary to the stereotype of high-status kids victimizing low-status ones, most aggression is local: kids tend to target kids close assholes make money them on the social ladder.

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And assholes make money higher one rises on that ladder, the more frequent the acts of aggression—until, near the very top, aggression ceases almost completely. Kids with nowhere left to climb, Faris posits, have no more use for it.

Indeed, the star athlete who demeaned the mild mathlete might come off as insecure. Their social positions are not in jeopardy. Did the product you helped launch succeed because of you, or because of your brilliant No. Difficult to know, really. So we rely on proxies—superficial cues for competence that we take and mistake for the real thing. When Anderson paired up college students and asked them to place 15 U.

Let me repeat that: seeming like you knew about geography was as good as knowing about geography. Being the first to blurt out an answer, right or wrong, was taken as a sign of superior quantitative skill.

I Acted Like an Asshole for a Week to See if it Would Make My Life Better

Overconfidence is usually not a put-on, however. Because overconfidence comes with some well-documented downsides see: Rumsfeld, DonaldAnderson has lately been recruiting subjects with accurate self-impressions and instructing them to act confidently when they are uncertain, and seeing whether they fare as well as the true believers.

I did wonder, though: Could the apprentice actors, given enough time, come to inhabit their roles more assholes make money Once a hierarchy assholes make money, the literature shows, people tend to construct after-the-fact rationalizations about why those in charge should assholes make money in charge. Likewise, the experience of power leads people to exhibit yet more power-signaling behaviors displaying aggressive body language, taking extra cookies from the assholes make money plate.

And not least, it gives them a chance to practice their hand at advocating an agenda, directing a discussion, and recruiting allies—building genuine leadership skills that help legitimize and perpetuate their status. But is a loudmouth the same thing as a leader?

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Peter Yang When George Cabot Lodge, a professor emeritus at Harvard Business School, talks of the prewar years, he remembers a specific game of tackle football he played as a year-old, and the man screaming and swearing on the sidelines. America was at peace.

George S. Patton was not. Lodge, whose father had just been elected to the Senate, was playing guard. The next time Lodge saw Patton was The Lodges and the Pattons went for a picnic at Fort Benning.

Lodge up front and Lodge the younger in back. But Patton is a valuable case study on several counts. His ability to bully the enemy is what restored him to favor five months later. Then I thought of the water skis. Some friends had rented a powerboat. That would have been fun. Within a few minutes, an acquaintance I will call Jordan had the boat pulled up to a dock where a boy of maybe 8 or 9 was alone. Do you have any water skis? The boy seemed unprepared for the question.

Not really, he said. There might be some in storage, but only assholes make money parents would know. Assholes make money, would you be a champ and run back to the house and ask them?

The boy did not look like he wanted to. But he did. When it came to brands like Gucci and Burberry, people were willing to pay more when they felt rejected by the salesperson. James, the philosopher, told me of a jerk who managed to avoid being labeled one by his closest colleagues partly by offering the occasional pro forma apology.