Imagination as a form of choice

Motivation options


Explore the latest strategic trends, research and analysis Science and engineering subjects are often presented as better career choices for students than the arts or humanities. Importance of motivation When we are excited about something, whether it is a hobby or an interesting work-related task, we tend to perform better and apply a variety of creative approaches.

Clear, specific, and accurate feedback that focuses on competence, expertise, and skill is needed to promote self-efficacy. Experiences with learning can trigger questions such as: Why did I do badly? The attributions students form in response to such questions will either motivate or demotivate their persistence.

If we are focused on a particular goal, we might be more organised and use a more structured approach in delivering the expected result.

Both are very important for career success but in different ways.

How different types of motivation affect your career

We asked a sample of prospective students who attended open days and current students at two large UK universities in the Russell Motivation options the motivation options for their degree choice. Different degrees, different reasons We found differences in the reasons that students of certain subjects had for choosing their degrees.

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For example, current and prospective engineering students rated career options as a very important reason for their choice of degree, while interest in the subject was a low one.

Yet arts and humanities students showed the opposite: prospective students reported enjoyment factor as important in motivation options degree choice, while career was not as important on the agenda.

The Art of Choosing

So it is necessary to have a goal to be successful in your career. It is also important to provide students with an opportunity to follow their intrinsic motivation to enjoy their studies because they will perform better at what they enjoy.

Research has shown that motivated employees tend to be far more productive, better skilled, and willing to learn new skills than unmotivated workers. They also tend to have better attendance records, stay in their jobs longer, and are more likely to seek creative solutions to work problems. Most employers understand this. When surveyed, 90 percent of business leaders say that having highly engaged, motivated employees is essential to their business's success.

Restructure arts degrees Careers are often judged by financial success — and not without a reason. And graduates from arts and humanities degrees seem to make less money than their STEM peers.

  • A little daydreaming never hurt anyone.
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  • Heightened morale Job Sharing Job sharing is an employment arrangement where typically two people are retained on a part time or reduced time basis to perform a job normally fulfilled by one person working full time.
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But perhaps the reason for that is not that those careers are a bad choice. If arts and humanities degrees attract people who are not career-driven, could that explain why they do not do as well financially in their career in the future?

  • The hierarchical arrangement suggests that the five levels of needs are arranged in order of increasing importance, starting with physiological needs.
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  • The Multinational Corporation Motivation Strategies To some extent, a high level of employee motivation is derived from effective management practices.
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If it is the case that arts and humanities students do not do as well financially because of low career aspirations, should we discourage them from choosing arts and humanities?

Probably not — these degrees are where they might do the best — because they enjoy it.

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Instead, universities should provide them with more career focus in their undergraduate courses that can make those students more structured in achieving their career goals.

But we need to exercise caution in doing this.

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If people start the degree because it is enjoyable and then are made to focus too much on external achievements, motivation options might paradoxically make trading binary options by indicators motivation options the process of motivation options less.

And if people are not that keen on what they are doing and motivation options do it for the pay, they may be less likely to do a good job — or they might drop out if better-paid work opportunities arise.

Most of those forces affect us without our knowledge, and they do not necessarily operate in our best interests. How can we minimize the influence of such powerful factors, including bias and culture?

So the key is to let people choose what they enjoy — and then help them to make it into a career.