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No man s sky fast money 2020, Attack freighters

Reputation is everything Building your reputation is often as easy as exploring the various planets and speaking to individuals and completing missions will easily increase your reputation and therefore your rewards.

How to make money in No Man’s Sky

The Korvax are the most likely to give out cash rewards, whereas the Gek are more likely to reward you with tech. However, having such rare or powerful tech makes it incredibly valuable, which you can obviously trade for Units or use as a bartering tool in vehicle transactions.

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Whilst some rewards are technology or nanite based, the majority of missions will reward you with the in-game currency, Units. As we said previously, improving your reputation with the three races of aliens will give you access to better missions.

How to make money fast in No Man's Sky and become a wealthy space millionaire

In the above screen, you can see that the first quest rewards you with a solid 55, Units and that the mission that requires level 8 reputation rewards you withUnits. You can accrue a freighter by either buying one, or by simply defending a freighter from hostile ships - after speaking to its captain they will literally hand it over to you for free.

Your freighter will have at least one other attached to it that you can send for exploration, industrial or combat missions.

So you need to make money, fast. Put them together and you can make a big profit simply by carrying goods from one to the other.

After each mission, you collect a reward, which is usually a no man s sky fast money 2020 of Units, components and rare elements or minerals. Obviously, you can sell these items, too, meaning that you have a steady flow of income for your oligarchy. You can also source missions from your freighter, such as collecting Chromatic Metal or delivering goods, which usually reward you with a bunch of Units or rare tech.

Twitter user Smelly Ferrett brought this method to light and it really is one of the quickest, if most deadly, ways to get those sweet Units fast.


We suggest parking your ship very close to the site as you might need to make a run for it. You need to build a base computer in order to be able to craft walls. What you need to do is set up four walls around the cluster, making sure each wall clicks into place.

You can set up walls around the eggs, maybe leaving a few eggs spare for the next part. Next, fire no man s sky fast money 2020 one of the Whispering Eggs outside of your box. Quickly jetpack back into your box and fire your mining laser at the eggs inside.

Gold, silver, and platinum are used in crafting but that's a little ways off if you're just starting out, so when you're finally up in the sky, zooming around space, make sure to blast at those hunks of minerals to get plenty of loot that you can sell for a not half-bad price at the space stations. It's not the best method, but certainly a jumping-on point. Set one up in your base of choice and refine some salt. Then, when mixed with oxygen, you get six times the amount you put in.

Once destroyed, the majority will produce a Larval Core, which is a white orb with black dots. These orbs can disappear quite quickly, so act fast to gather them up.

Making Money

Defeat any Horrors that are waiting for you outside of your box or sprint back to your ship for safety. If you do decide to run - we did - fly around the area for a few moments before landing in the same place again.

Can You Still Crash The Economy In No Man's Sky? - How to Make MILLIONS!!

Did we mention it was safer than tackling the Biological Horrors? New Technology Beyond the various elements and minerals available, technology is the other big factor in the game. As such, some items are much more valuable and rarer than others, so you need to weigh up whether you want to sell some of them to acquire a new ship or an even better item only attainable through vendors.

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Salvaged technology, for example, will fetch you 51, Units per item and a single Mind Control Device can be sold for 75, Units. It would be worthwhile upgrading your multitool scanner and analysis visor to the next best available as this will lead to greater and faster discoveries of valuable tech and items on each planet.

Minerals and elements and creatures, oh my!

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Shooting at the asteroids surrounding planets - and there are loads of them - will gift you with either Gold, Silver or Tritium, with the latter being used to fuel the fusion reactor on your starship. Gold and Silver are useful for building things on your freighter or, like literally anything else, can be sold for profit.


Vortex Cubes, commonly found in caves, are another good source of income, fetching around 25, Units each. Destroying hostile ships and targeting cargo freighters is another sure-fire way to make money.

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The loot drop with the freighters can be a bit random and you might attract the attention of the Sentinels and spend the next 40 minutes being chased through space until you encounter a trading post in which to hide.

So, those are our top tips to get rich quick.

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If you have any more suggestions, drop us a line in the comments. Now, pump those numbers!