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The place known as the central region of the city is called Plaza de Espana. Calle de la Paz represents the historical part of the city.

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Valencia consists of six different regions. While the places near the border of the city are included in issuer s option documentary non- documentary sixth region; the first region includes the city center. In order to use the public transportation vehicles in the city, you can travel by metro, train or bus by purchasing tickets called "bono" from many kiosks or package stores.

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The distance between the central regions of the city and the Valencia airport is about 9 kilometers. If you are planning to travel to the airport from any part of the city, there are many options you can prefer such as taxi, car rental as well as metro or bus from the public transportation vehicles.

The buses run every twenty-five minutes and arrive at the airport in about thirty minutes. Bus services can continue until pm or pm according to their schedules. In addition, there are more than forty bus lines offering service in the city.

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Top sites where you can make real money using the buses, you can easily get to your destination in the city. After midnight, the night buses, numbered with the letter N, continue operating to the commonly visited parts of the city.

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Another alternative to reach the airport from the city is the bus services called Aerobus. These services, which run every twenty minutes, are operating between am and pm. The fares of these services are slightly higher than the bus fares.

Metro In the city, there are metro lines connecting the central railway station with the airport.

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The trains running through this line operate every eight minutes and reach the airport in about twenty minutes. If you are close to a station that is in the direction of Maritim-Serreria, you can use the red metro line 3; if you are close to a station that is in the direction of Rafebunyol, you can use the green metro line 5 for arriving at the airport.

The railway system, which consists of six lines, is called Metro Valencia. There are many stations offering the option of transferring between each other. The metro network is not enough to provide transportation to every part of the city.

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Nevertheless, it is possible to reach many central parts of the city by using rail system. If you plan to use metro frequently in the city, buying Bonometro tickets for two or three days will be more appropriate for your budget. Tramway Metro Valencia's lines 4, 6 and 8 are a tramway system that goes above ground; you can travel between Mas del Rosari and Dr.

These lines offer transfer option between themselves and between metro lines in many stations. There is no direct tramway line to the airport. However, you can get to the airport by transferring to metro line 3 in Benimaclet station to where you have come with tramway line 4 and metro line 5 in Maritim-Serreria station to where you have come with tramway lines 6 and 8.

Train Train is also a frequently preferred rail system in Valencia. There are six train lines offering transportation service throughout the city. You can travel to the southeast part of the city by using train line C-1, to the southwest part by using the line C-2, to the west part by using the line C-3, to the part between the east and the center by using the line C-4, to the northwest part by using the line C-5 and to the northeast part by using the line C Car Rental You can rent a car with the help of various companies located in the city.

Alternatively, it is possible to make an online reservation before your flight. When traveling in the city, renting a bicycle is also a popular alternative to renting a car. There are approximately two hundred and fifty locations in Valencia where you can rent a bicycle.

You can use the bicycle that you will rent from one of these locations for seven days without any limitation. First half an hour of use is free. The annual bicycle rental alternatives how lehu and makes money on the Internet more affordable for those planning to stay in the city for more than two weeks.

Taxi You can easily find taxis in many parts of the city. Moreover, compared to many European countries, the fares are more affordable in Valencia. If you want to have a more comfortable and quicker travel to the airport, taxi is a good option for you. Airport Information Valencia Airport, which hosts flights from many countries of Europe as well as Turkey, provides passengers with high quality flight services.

In the terminal, on the first floor, there are ATM machines and offices where you can exchange money. Access to the Wi-Fi connection is possible, but only the first half an hour is free.

An interview with Jean‐Marc Lehu: Interview by Sarah Powell

The most popular restaurants are Dehesa Santa Maria, which offers delicacies from the Iberian cuisine, and La Pausa, famous for its grill. You can buy many high quality products from the store named Aldeasa without paying tax.

There are also various shops in the terminal where you can buy local foods or gifts. If you want to have comfortable and enjoyable time at the airport, you can also benefit from the VIP service of the terminal. Last Updated: July 31, Valencia Airport You have various options such as metro, bus or rental car when you want to get to the airport from Valencia city centre. The time you spend on the way to the airport varies depending on the vehicle you choose.

However, the journey does not last very long as the distance between Valencia city centre and the airport is not much. Metro There are two different metro lines that carry passengers in direction of the airport from the Valencia city centre.

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Metro is also the best option you can choose to travel quickly without being caught in traffic. If you have heavy luggages with you, you may also consider the option of taking a taxi to a metro station then transferring to the metro. Bus In Valencia, buses are a popular vehicle of transportation to the airport. Buses pass through many central locations in the city, and they provide a fast and affordable option for traveling to the airport.

You can get to Valencia Airport directly from the regions such as Mislata, Manises or Quart de Poblet by taking the bus line You can pay the bus fare when you get on the bus.

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Although traveling to Valencia Airport by bus is an affordable option, it is not as fast as traveling by taxi or rental car. So how lehu and makes money on the Internet your priority is a fast and comfortable how lehu and makes money on the Internet, you should consider rental cars or taxis which can be found easily in the city centre. Taxi Passengers often prefer taxis for traveling to Valencia Airport from the city centre as well.

As the distance between the airport and the city centre is quite how lehu and makes money on the Internet, taxi fees do not cost much. Taxi fares are lower during the day and on the week days, but they get a bit higher in the night and on the weekends. Thanks to the taximeters on the taxis of Valencia, you can be comfortable about the fare.

If you wish to know how high the taxi fee can get, you can talk to the taxi drivers and get information before getting on the vehicle.

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When you go to these offices with your traveling papers and driver licence, you can pick up a car and be on your way to Valencia Airport within minutes.

It is very easy to drive to the airport thanks to the direction signs that you can follow after you leave the city centre. If you consider renting a car in the city, it may be useful to reserve a car a few weeks in advance, especially in the summer, the peak period.

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Hence you can rent a car according to your wishes and drive to the airport from the city centre. Airport Information Valencia Airport welcomes its passengers with its shops where a wide variety of items including apperal products, food and beverages, accessories and souveniers are sold.

At the airport you can also find restaurants serving delicious meals and drinks from Spanish, European and international cuisines and other services such as free wireless internet. There are two meeting rooms with different capacities in service for business travelers in Valencia Airport. If you wish to use these meeting rooms at the airport you can get information by reaching by telephone and make reservation for your meetings.

When you need to make a phone call at the airport, you can use the phones located in several parts of the terminal.

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If you want to get something to drink or have a snack, you can use the vending machines. Coffee, where you can sample Spanish and international cuisine.

If you want to wait for your plane in a more private and privileged environment, VIP Lounge, where you can benefit from services such as snack foods and drinks, free wireless internet and specially designed seats for passengers, can be a wonderful option in this regard. You can make a reservation by phone or online in advance for VIP Lounge, which serves the passengers in Valencia from early morning until the evening hours.