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How to work with options video tutorials

Part 5: The true cost of making tutorial, training, and explainer videos Part 1: What is an instructional video?

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An instructional video is any video that demonstrates a process, transfers knowledge, explains a concept, or shows someone how to do something. At least, not anymore. Anyone, in any industry, can and probably should create instructional videos. Examples of instructional videos you can create include: Micro videos Micro videos are short instructional videos that focus on teaching a single, narrow topic.

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Tutorial videos Tutorial videos are the go-to instructional method for teaching a process or providing step-by-step instructions. Usually between minutes long, tutorial videos may leverage multiple instructional methods.

Companies often create online training videos to cover interpersonal topics, such as compliance and harassment training, or job-related topics, such as hardware and software training. Training videos often use footage of real people to connect the trainer and trainee. These can be interactive videos and often fit in among a larger training course. Explainer videos Explainer videos are short videos usually less than two minutes that explain a business concept or product in an entertaining, visual way.

They typically use basic animations to explain a larger topic, product, or service. Explainer videos simplify complex ideas into easily digestible content. Presentation videos Recording a presentation makes it available for an audience to watch after the fact — perfect for people who want to rewatch and reabsorb the content or for those who may not have been able to attend the in-person event. This might be as simple as recording just the audio for a presentation, or as advanced as recording PowerPoint point slides, a webcam, and a separate microphone all at once.

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Lecture and presentation capture tend to be longer than a tutorial video and span the length of the entire class or presentation. This makes them more time intensive to consume and requires a higher level of investment from the audience.

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Screencast videos Screencasts tend to be quick and informal, and how to work with options video tutorials usually intended for a smaller audience than tutorial videos. These videos video course options forts digital video recordings of your computer screen and usually include audio narration.

The format buy strategies for binary options itself to just-in-time teaching, where an instructor, colleague, or manager can quickly create a screencast how to work with options video tutorials answer a question or clear up a problematic concept.

As you can see, instructional videos go by a variety of different names. But whether you need to make a how-to video or a tutorial, the goal is the same.

how to work with options video tutorials

Unlike other forms of video, an instructional video instructs. Part 2: Common mistakes people make when creating videos When it comes to making instructional videos there are a few common mistakes people make.

Here are a few you can easily avoid: 1. Not knowing your audience Knowing your audience is critical. Understanding your audience will guide key decisions about your videos.

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Things about that product that they might not know initially when they take it out of the box. Trying to make it perfect Too often people worry about getting things perfect.

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If you start with perfection in mind, it will paralyze your creative process and you will struggle to begin. Punch fear in the face, and just hit publish, because you just got to put out your first videos, and the reality…is your first videos are going to be your worst videos. Learn the basics, then start to upgrade your tools.

What am I trying to get across with my brand? They stumbled upon the job. But, the greatest secret of all is that great videos start with great planning.

Learn step-by-step how to install NiceLabel software on your computer: See what options are available during the installation process See how to activate the software at the end of installation See how to switch between versions of the software Learn Label Design Explore basic label design and design your first label. This video will present most common objects and how to add them to the label. Connect to a database Printing from Excel In this video you will learn about how to connect label to Excel and print from it. Introduction to Dynamic Data Manager In this video you will learn how to connect a database such as Access to our label and then use Dynamic Data Manager to manage the data coming in.

Determine and get to know your audience Before you even think about hitting the record button, get to know your audience and understand why they need help. If you have a product or service, talk to your customers about how they use your product and where they struggle.

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Are you training a new hire? Ask yourself what questions they need to be answered to be most successful. Then use that information to choose tutorial topics that will help the most people. Before you move on to step two, make sure to answer these questions about your audience and video: 1. What is your topic? Pick ONE topic per video. By narrowing your scope, your video will be more focused, and easier to create.

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Who is the audience? Start with basic demographic information like education, age, professional organizations, association with other groups and then advance to their interests, concerns, and goals.

Why do they care about this topic? Make sure you know why your audience will care. This will ensure you address their concerns and reasons for watching the video.

What is the learning objective? Having a clear learning objective helps you provide clearer instruction with a more achievable outcome. How does it benefit them? If someone is going to invest time watching your video, what value are they going to take away?

What is the best size for that location? Do you want to add interactivity, like quizzes or interactive hot spots? Do you need accessibility features, like captions?

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Step 2. Write a storyboard and script Storyboard Once you have your topic and know your audience, I recommend you create a storyboard to outline and visualize what you plan to show. Some people get really creative and draw elaborate pictures. Honestly, though, they can be as simple as this: Quick sketches and stick figures are perfectly fine for live video.

how to work with options video tutorials

For a screencast or screen how to work with options video tutorials, you can use a series of simple screenshots to roughly show what you plan to display with the narration. Not quite.

how to work with options video tutorials

Before you go any further, write a script. Script A script even a simple one will help you be efficient with what you say, saving you and your viewers time. Here are a few scriptwriting tips to get you started. Write your script like your explaining the process to a friend.

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Use simple language and avoid jargon. Show and tell.

how to work with options video tutorials