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    Wang, X.

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    The hydrodynamical expansion of a locally thermalized system is studied for both the cases with and without phase transition. The effect of a transverse rarefaction wave is included in the calculation of the temperature profile of the expanding fluid.

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    The transverse-momentum distribution of hadrons is calculated by collecting all the hadrons produced when the hadron gas is cooled down to a freeze-out temperature at different times in the expansion. Fluctuation in initial temperature and radius is allowed due to variation in impact parameter. On the basis of a study of the thermalization process in the parton model we impose a constraint on the initial temperature and the thermalization time, the simultaneous variation of both of which gives rise to a relationship between the average transverse momentum and rapidity density.

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    We have found that there is no so-called ''plateau'' region in that relationship. Dijet cross sections are measured in direct and resolved photon enhanced regions separately. Longitudinal proton momentum fractions up to 0.

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    The data compare well with predictions from Monte Carlo event generators based on leading order QCD and parton showers and with next-to-leading order QCD calculations corrected for hadronisation effects.