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Here is a list of 7 different Weather Forecast API that you can use in your apps and weather based services. Most of the APIs listed below provide a free plan for foreca options usage. Foreca options, you may find certain limitation on number of API calls your app can make to them.

For people that don't know how weather measurements work: this app gets data from a server somewhere, which in turn gets sensor data from a weather station somewhere near you.

The limits are generally extendable by paying for a premium plan. Please note that we are not affiliated with any of the services listed below.

If you are developing a weather app then you may also want to grab foreca options free Weather icon sets too that may help you foreca options your apps and services.

Let us take look at the weather APIs now: 1. ClimaCell provides 6 hours of historical data based on sensor technology of actual field observations. The free plan also includes access to building your own Weather widgets using their API.

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Ideology is inspired by OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia that make information free and available for everybody. OpenWeatherMap provides wide range of weather data such as map with current weather, foreca options forecast, precipitation, wind, clouds, data from weather Stations and many others. Weather data is received from global Meteorological broadcast services and more than 40 weather stations.

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AccuWeather AccuWeather provides premium weather forecasting services worldwide. Data is available in more than 40 languages and dialects. SSL encryption is also available for secure communication.

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The Weather Channel The Weather Channel is an American satellite television channel providing weather forecast for more than 30 foreca options. Their free plan has a limit of API calls per month. They offer current weather information as well as 10 day forecast along with 30 days weather history in the free plan.

When the Forecast Approval task is displayed, you may review the system-generated forecast and measures for any levels included in the task and make adjustments to forecast values at the final-level.

Price: Free for API calls monthly. World Weather Online World Weather Online APIs provide a way to get local weather, historical local weather, ski and mountain weather and marine weather data. While their free plan is now discontinued, you can try their premium API for 60 days.

Use the 'Forecast to Complete' Feature

Code examples in all major programming languages is provided on their website, including VB. Having a daily check on weather as well as access to forecast information is crucial for many apps and services.

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Using the weather API services listed above, you can build your own service or apps around weather forecasting. There are many other weather forecast API that we could have included in our list above.

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However we wanted to keep this list short with the most popular weather forecast APIs having easy to find pricing and API details.