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BGMax is the maximum number of BadGuys to keep track of simultaneously default is 10, BGMaxBadness is the maximum penalty in seconds for authentication failure default is These client addresses will not be penalized for authentication failure there is no default value.

The BadGuys parameters are only applicable when PreAuth is set to yes. These parameters do not apply to SMTP proxy.

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These options can be found in the ImapProxyAservice. CanonicalVirtualDomainDelim Canonical virtual domain delimiter.

The character used by the MMP to separate the user ID from the appended virtual domain when talking to the message store server and formatting queries for the LDAP server. This parameter does not apply to SMTP proxy.

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Capability Capability replacement string. The MMP will use the string you specify for Capability instead of its default own capability to tell IMAP clients what it or the servers behind it can do.

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This variable has no effect in POP3. There is no need to adjust this string if the backend IMAP servers are entirely Sun ONE servers from the same version of the messaging server installer.

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Otherwise, it is important to specify a capability list that includes only the features supported by all the backend IMAP servers. The appropriate string can be determined by telnetting to port on each kind of backend server and entering the command c capability. This lists only the capabilities present on all backend IMAP servers.

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There is no default. The reverse mmp binary options is performed unconditionally, so the SMTP relay server does not need to perform it. This option may be set on a per hosted domain basis.

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Note that a DNS lookup is performed regardless of this setting if hostnames are used in a global TCPAccess filter or a per-domain or per-user access filter. This option defaults to no.

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For example: default:ClientLookup yes Limits the number of simultaneous connections permitted from a single client IP address. The default is 0.

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The default is no. The value of the DefaultDomain parameter is appended to unqualified user IDs.


This may also be set as mmp binary options service-wide parameter. EhloKeywords A list of EHLO extension keywords for the proxy to pass through to the client, in addition to the default set.

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For example, if the failover time-out is 10 seconds, and a relay fails, the MMP does not try that relay again for 10 minutes. The default is 10 seconds. HostedDomains Boolean, whether to support HostedDomains. Setting HostedDomains to "no" is not recommended as even a small company is likely to eventually go through a name change or acquisition where support for multiple domains would be helpful.