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If the stock price remains unchanged or rises, then the price of the put will decline.

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Strategy discussion Selling a cash-secured put has two advantages and one disadvantage. First, if the stock is purchased because the put is assigned, then the purchase price will be below the current price. Second, selling a put brings in premium cash which is kept as income if the put expires worthless.

This contrasts with a limit-price buy order which earns nothing if the order is not executed. The disadvantage of selling a put is that the profit potential is limited.

Call options provide you with the right to buy shares of a certain stock, and when you exercise the option, you actually buy the shares. After you tell your broker to exercise an option, you have a few days to deposit the money into your brokerage account to pay for the shares. With the right type of account, it's possible to exercise and then sell the shares without coming up with the cash to actually pay for them, but it's not a good idea. Tip Even though you will have three days to pay for your call option shares, you may not sell them before settling your balance.

If the stock price rises sharply, then the short put profits only to the extent of the premium received. The choice between 1 buying stock today and 2 selling a cash-secured put today and holding cash in reserve is a subjective decision that investors must make individually.

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Impact of stock price change Put prices, generally, do not change dollar-for-dollar with changes in the price of the underlying stock. Therefore, an investor who sells a cash-secured put will typically make or lose less than the owner of shares of stock as the stock price fluctuates.

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Impact of change in volatility Volatility is a measure of how much a stock price fluctuates in percentage terms, and volatility is a factor in option prices.

As volatility rises, option prices tend to rise if other factors such as stock price and time to expiration remain constant. As a result, short put positions benefit from falling volatility and are hurt by rising volatility. This is known as time erosion. Short put positions benefit from passing time if other factors such as stock price and volatility remain constant.

Risk of early assignment Stock options in the United States can be exercised on any business day, and the holder of a short option position has no control over when they will be required to fulfill the obligation.

Therefore, the risk of early assignment is a real risk that must be considered. However, since sellers of cash-secured puts are generally willing to buy the underlying shares, the possibility of early assignment should not be of great concern.

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Early assignment of a cash-secured put simply means that stock is purchased prior to the expiration date. Also, early assignment of stock options is generally related to dividends, and short puts that are assigned early are generally assigned on the ex-dividend date.

Potential position created at expiration If a put is assigned, then stock is purchased at the strike price of the put.

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If there is no short stock position, then a long stock position is created. Other considerations When cash-secured puts are sold it is assumed that the investor is willing to buy the underlying stock.

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Therefore, the risk of early assignment is not a big concern. However, if the stock price is above the strike price at expiration, then a decision must be made.

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Should the stock be purchased at its current price? Or should another put be sold?

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Or should the cash held in reserve be invested elsewhere? This is a subjective decision that investors must make individually. Reprinted with permission from CBOE.

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In this example, you get free money in your account just for opening it. Risk-Free Trades One of the most attractive deposit bonuses for new traders is a risk-free trade. In this scenario, you can enter into a trade, and if you sustain any losses, zero funds will be taken out of your account. On the other hand, if you profit from the free trading, you get to keep the money. Often, a binary options broker will give you anywhere from one to five risk-free trades.

Options trading entails significant risk and is not appropriate for all investors. Certain complex options strategies carry additional risk. Before trading options, please read Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options.

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