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Blinds, -Glass. Honse and lot, 5 rooms, on Fayette street. Houm lot, 5 rooms, on Eighth street. House and lot, T roc. Joseph street.

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House and lot, 7 rooms, on Cherry St. House and ooo roomas trading, 8 rooms, on Ash st. House and lot, teu rooms, on Broadway st. Lot In Johnson'! IBocton Traveller.

Furniture and Continuity Hey everyone, Can you believe it?! There are only 5 weeks until Christmas! We will have a great little gift this year with the completion of our new home scheduled to finish up in roughly 9 days! My last entry was at the beginning of October and within 7 short weeks our ceilings, cornicing, windows and doors, sanitary fittings, cabinetry, tiling, stone and part of the internal painting has been completed.

The beats ot New York are as persistent in their sinful "feames, as are the "Judge" and -and "Major" to obtain drinks between drinks. The following is an illustration, in which the renowned impersonate! He arrived in New York one morning, gone time ago, and was hurriedly. Before the actor conld ask for an ooo roomas trading, another poor ooo roomas trading koneet-looking fellow came op aud poured out his congratulations: "Now, wasn't it werry fortunlt, sir, as that waluable pocket book got Inter honest hands William eeed you when you dropt It, and not every poor - znan with a large family would 'ave ran so far and so fast to hand over a treasure like that to Its proper owner.

They wonld have kept it, ooo roomas trading William Is" "A beat. Why, old fellow, I have shown np this trick oa the stage for twenty years. Say, Bill, git. Business is business. We all 'ave our lines, and every one to bis perfeshion. Werry sorry, but we mistook you ooo roomas trading an- ' ether man ". Samuel W. Allen, a native of Kentucky, who has resided from Infancy in Texas, and is now a citizen or Harris ceunty, in tnat state, is tne largest cat'. He is the owner of the following ranches: L Ranch Grande the largest on the continent embraces an area eighty miles long and forty.

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On this cm ranche alone Mr. Allen herdscattle.

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The Home Ranche, sltnated in Harris county, pastures 70, and includes an area of a lttle less than half that of the Ranch Grande. Besides this prodigious number of cattle, there are 3, horsea which are kept constantly Ooo roomas trading use by herders and brandera, of whom at least are employed by Mr.

Sixty thousand calves are branded by him every year to keep np the supply. These amounts represent the capital of the chief meat purveyor of beef for the city of New Orleans and ' the adjieeut counties of the gulf coast, wlth- ; out estimating the value of his lands, which are more dncal in extent if not in value. Ken- ' tucky Yeoman ' ' The ballet-girt, Hattie Pollock, who was charged t?

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Lth the murder of her baby on Thureday, died in the Louisville jail Saturday, from : the effects of walking f rem her bed of options circulation. When found, he 'Was dead. God, andNoah'4 flood" The Univerae mut be delighted at the endorsement ot so promising a Ooo roomas trading.

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Boston Traucrips. Henry J. Brooks, leather merchant, has suspended, owing to the present troubles. He hopes for an extension of time from creditors and he will resume.

Understanding your reports How and why is running data calculated? Running data is used to smooth out seasonality and to better identify the underlying trend.

A telegram from Boston last night, sav that Admiral Wlnslow, U. Gold opened at Wall, and Broad, and New etreeU, in front tJf-tb several entrances to the Stock Exchange, were crowed this morning, as the hour of ooo roomas trading approached.

When the doors 7fcl: w"11 opeB hrtly before ten o'clock, S? Promptly at ten ooo roomas trading Presluejt Chapman rapped the brokers to order, and.

He then spoke to them as follows : We have met agaiB, after a very momentous suspension, for the purpose of resuming business. Your action in the interim has met with universal approbation, and has been most satisfactory t yourselves. Business would be carried on finder the rules adopted yesterday by the Governing Committee, which he read.

Indianapolis Journal, Volume 2, Number 215,Indianapolis, Marion County, 30 September 1873 — Page 1

I have also appointed ooo roomas trading committee to settle the centracts of defaulting parties. All I ask now Is that you help each Other to bear the burden that has fallen upon Us; to so conduct business as to enable the Exchange to carry on its irorfc successfully. A good feeline appears to exist, and the opening prices of stocks shows a return of confidence. The following were the opening quotations for sales:.

Kaw York Central.

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Joe, Under considerable pressure to sell tad realise on stocks, prices have declined f roa those current at the opening, from l to 3 per cent. Bankers generally are unwilling to operate for -customers on margins until affaire become more settled, ' 'f ST.

Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR)

Louis, September 2fl. A ecene of great excltamnt occurred late this afternoon in the Crimlni Corjrtr tVhlch threatened at one time to tw trszical. Joseph H. Fore, who attempted ro kill his wife on the street with a hatcbet Cn the 4th of last June, was on trial. Fore had been examined at great length, and as she retired from the witness stand and took her seat between her father and Jos.

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XJolcord, one. The marshal of the court saw Fore's movement in time to catch his arm, which' changed the direction of the inkstand, and instead of striking Mrs.

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Fore It struck Mr. Colcord on the forehead,' cutting a gash about two inches long, and nearly knocking that gentleman senseless.

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Fore was immediately make money online best sites by the marshal and others, and after a severe struggle. TrTfsvnxE, Pa. The petroleum msrket Is dull and lower. Nw York, September SO. Money Ik anqnotable. Gold sold np to llStf ; now at Governments are dull.

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State bonds are quiet. Stocks are dnll and very feverish. Provisions Are inactive and nominal.

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  • Revenue per available room RevPAR is a metric used in the hospitality industry to measure hotel performance.

Flocb Dull and nominally easier. Wbbat Dull and unsettled ; ft? New Yobk, September Flour Dull.

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Cokb Finn at 6fifi8c. Oats Mrm at 61gJ5c. Lard Firm at 8tf. Toledo, September Louis, September SO. Prices are full 30c to tl lower than a week ago. Wheat Finn; No. Corn Lower: 89x40c for October. Oat Virm at 34c, cash. Flour Is selling at 2ai Wheat Winter U selilng 12s 6d; Milwaukee red la selling st lis lOdaitotid; California hit daclind ld fa selling at 12s 7datsd.

Corn ad. Booo Is ael. XaUOW ' -pw tvvj an. Peter McKsnni! EVansville, September He was also of the firm Fahnley, Foster.

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Chicago, September The Directors' of the Union National Bank, after paying eut aooui iour nunarea tnousand dollars, yesterday, decided at a meeting last night to go iato liquidation.

The officers state that the assets of the bank are abundantly able to pay liabilities in full. I ' Memphis, September At a ooo roomas trading meeting of the Chamber of Commerce this morning to consider the financial situation, a resolution from the banks of the city was received td the eflect that they would not suspend, but wonld open in addition to regular business aa exchange account to be paid in kind for the parpose of moving cotton, which was ananlmoaa ly adopted by the Chamber.

Louis, September There is much difference of opinion among business men as to the expediency ot this Issue, some holding that it will work harm by pushing that much currcnev out of circulation, that it will greatly depreciate, and will be Ignored by banks, while others think it will re lieve the present pressure for currency, a lord sn additional circulating medium, and do great aoaa. Wihat In pood demaud at It Wiiihky Unsettled; sales at 95c in currency.