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We begin with an overview of the histogram classes, after which we provide instructions and examples on the histogram features.

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We have put this chapter ahead of the graphics chapter so that you can begin working with histograms as soon as possible. Some of options drawing examples have graphics commands that may look unfamiliar to you.


Separate concrete classes are provided for one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional classes. ROOT also supports profile histograms, which constitute an elegant replacement of two-dimensional histograms in many cases.

3.7 Picture and drawing specific options ✔

The inter-relation of two measured quantities X and Y can always be visualized with a two-dimensional histogram or scatter-plot. Profile histograms, on the other hand, are used to display the options drawing value of Y and its RMS for each bin in X.

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If Y is an unknown but single-valued approximate function of X, it will have greater precision in a profile histogram than in a scatter plot.

This means that two-dimensional and three-dimensional histograms are seen as a type options drawing a one-dimensional histogram, in the same way in which multidimensional C arrays are just an abstraction of a one-dimensional contiguous block of memory.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

The straightforward method is to use one finance better binary option the several constructors provided for each concrete class in the histogram hierarchy. For the example above, the interval [0.

Default scatter plot. In addition the color palette is also drawn. Setting the Style Histograms use the current style gStyle. When one changes the current style and would like to propagate the changes to the histogram, THUseCurrentStyle should be called. Call UseCurrentStyle on each histogram is needed.

If you want to create histograms with variable bin widths, ROOT provides another constructor suited for this purpose. Instead of passing the data interval and the number of bins, you have to pass an array single or double precision of bin edges.

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See the class TAxis for a description of all the access methods. The bin edges are always stored internally in double precision. The functions to fill, manipulate, draw, or access histograms are identical in both cases.

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This global bin is useful to access the bin information independently of the dimension. It returns a new histogram with the re-binned contents.

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If bin errors were stored, they are recomputed during the re-binning. The Fill method returns the bin number for 1-D histograms or global bin number for 2-D and 3-D histograms. If THSumw2 has been called before filling, the sum of squares is options drawing stored. The used method is to double the bin size until the new value fits in the range, merging bins two by two.

Leaflet Draw API reference

The TTree::Draw method extensively uses this automatic binning option when drawing histograms of variables in TTree with an unknown range. The automatic binning option is supported for 1-D, 2-D options drawing 3-D histograms.

During filling, some statistics parameters are incremented to compute the mean value and root mean square with the maximum precision. For example, the following two statements create and fill a histogram 10 times with a default Gaussian distribution of mean 0 and sigma 1 : root[] TH1F h1 "h1","Histo from a Gaussian",-3,3 ; root[] h1.

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FillRandom "gaus", ; THGetRandom can be used to get a random number distributed according the contents of a histogram. To fill a histogram following the distribution in an existing histogram you can use the second signature of THFillRandom.

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Next code snipped assumes that h is an existing histogram TH1. The distribution contained in the histogram h1 TH1 is integrated over the channel contents. It is normalized to one.

System drawing options

The second parameter indicates how options drawing random numbers are generated. Getting 1 random number implies: Generating a random number between 0 and 1 say r1 Find the bin in the normalized integral for r1 Fill histogram channel You can see below an example of the THGetRandom method which can be used to get a random number distributed according the contents of a histogram. The AddDivide and Multiply methods also exist to add, divide or multiply a histogram by a function.

Histograms objects not pointers TH1F h1 can be multiplied by a constant using:.