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Options functions

That is a useful tool!

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There can be other cases when you'd like to have an explicit handle on the options passed to your function. Strings are often used for sub-options.

There isn't a clear-cut advice.

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You can look at system functions and their options to get a picture when which are used - you will find both symbols and strings used frequently. Some arguments from here are still valid, although now I would not put as strong emphasis on symbols as I did in the past.

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I hope that it gives a good overview of the basic methods. Question What would be the best way to make a function out of the below code? It would take a dataList as well as some graphical options such as options functions as arguments and return a customized tabular representation as shown below.

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You have a series of options functions that define your table. I want to be able to conveniently change these.

Backtesting, AI and Fitness Functions in Options Explained

I want the possibility of custom options not understood by Grid. See: OptionsPattern for more. Then, opts is inserted into the basic function before the other options for Grid.

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  • Already pre-installed templates support output in A4 and A3 format, landscape and portrait.
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  • However, only the ones below are used in base R.

This allows any explicitly given options to override the defaults, or new ones to be given. This will allow them to be conveniently changed or referenced. I start by clearing the previous definition with ClearAll.

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Here Options customTabular gets the rules given above. I choose "Rotation" to change the text rotation of the title row.

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Again I clear the prior definition and the default options. I pass only valid Grid options by using FilterRules. I first join any explicit options to the front of the Options customTabular list, again to override options functions.

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