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The coronavirus pandemic is forcing America to confront its epidemic low-wage problem. Edsall contributes a weekly column from Washington, D.

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As Tony Powell, a year-old hospital administrative coordinator, told Molly Kindera fellow in the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program, in a taped interview in May: People are not looking at people like us on the lower end of the spectrum. That is the biggest thing: we are not even getting respect.

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Nobody is listening to their voices. Summerseconomists at Harvard, describes conditions on the bottom rungs of the job market: The American economy has become more ruthless, as declining unionization, increasingly demanding and empowered shareholders, decreasing real minimum wages, reduced worker protections, and the increases in outsourcing domestically and abroad have disempowered workers — with profound consequences for the labor market and the broader economy.

And a state-by-state survey conducted by Business.

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Recognition of the disadvantages faced by essential workers has, in turn, shed light on the broader challenges of the entire low-wage job market. Ostryeconomists at the International Monetary Fund, and Pietro Pizzutoan economist at the University of Palermo, write: Major epidemics in this century have raised income inequality, lowered the share of incomes going to the bottom deciles, and lowered the employment-to-population ratio for those with basic education but not for those with advanced degrees.

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How serious is the problem? Daron Acemogluan economist at M. Low-wage workers will be the losers.

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Despite that, Acemoglu wrote how to trade trading robots his email: Even with those adverse consequences, a moderate increase in the minimum wage would be beneficial and I support it.

I asked whether rising wages resulting from increased unionization have the same effect. While earlier studies suggested that low-wage work was insulated from automation, more recent studies show that that is no longer the case.

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Overall, they argue, the decline in worker power is one of the most important structural changes to have taken place in the U. Betsey Stevensonan economist at the University of Michigan, argued in an email that raising and expanding eligibility for the Earned-income tax credit would be an effective way to immediately raise income of poorly paid workers.

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She cited studies showing that the tax credit paid to low-income families results in more work effort among beneficiaries and better school outcomes for their children. There may be, in addition, less direct but effective proposals to improve conditions for those in the bottom ranks of the wage distribution.

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These can both be phased in fairly quickly and would make a big difference for lots of people. If we are really successful, in twenty or thirty years maybe we will get that figure up by 50 percent to 7.

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That would still only be a bit more than half of their share of the population. I asked Shambaugh and others whether the U.

It is just the path of least resistance. Groshena labor economist at Cornell, and Harry J.

When we were little and my mum was working she used to look after us. It was like listening to fairy stories, life was so different when she was a child.

Could things look up? Wendy Edelbergalso a director of the Hamilton Project, noted in an email that reform will require changing the thinking of some key players. As a society, we must choose to value all workers — particularly those who are keeping essential services going right now on the front lines while so many others work remotely in the safety of our homes.

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Even more threatening is what happened in Georgia on June 10where Democrats saw a systematic effort to disenfranchise the electorate. Donald Trump and the Republican Party clearly see Georgia as a model, and they are determined to capitalize on the pandemic to suppress the vote and conduct people who have made a lot of money b overtly anti-democratic election on Nov.

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If they have their way, one of the first targets of suppression will be the essential work force that has learned better than anyone the severity of the damage than can be inflicted by a Trump administration. The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. Here are some tips. And here's our email: letters nytimes.