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In part 4 today, he examines where he thinks the sweet spot is for making money in onljne video. These days, web companies are some of the most profitable around. Online video is where the Web was ten years ago: in investment mode as video companies that are generating high revenue are not necessarily the most profitable. The best example for this is display advertising.

The low margin is the least of their problems; differentiation and defensibility are. Blue Lithium and Right Media hit jackpots by selling to Yahoo! Content Networks Have Little Differentiation Similarly, aggregators gather videos from content providers, sharing ad revenues.

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YouTube is master of this domain. Hulu is giving YouTube a run for its money, but the business model is anything but certain and its long term exit strategy is murky Disney, News Corp. Ultimately, ad and content networks operate in a high-risk, winner-take-all game.

Consider the two acquisitions News Corp.

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The Myth of Hyper Distribution? In online video, producers are agnostic to distribution channel or platform.

8 Sites to Make Money for Video Creators

When it comes to generating revenues, is hyper-distribution wise? Hyper distribution is great for promotional purposes but not necessarily for commercial purposes.

Your videos can be sold to worldwide or a targeted regional audience — across desktop and mobile platforms. You can also promote them using social media, emails, and newsletters. The video pages can be customized, and you can add captions and subtitles to the videos.

Marketers do pay more attention as an audience grows, but they also pay a premium for scarcity and exclusivity. This is the fundamental conundrum facing new media producers who rely on hyper-distribution to build brands and audiences but who weaken their pricing power and ability to secure guaranteed dollars by giving away their videos. This can work if you can build ad-supported businesses, but that takes time and money.

Today, a few new media producers have managed to build ad-supported businesses, namely Revision3 and Next New Networks. For those others, I recommend creating content that other media companies will pay for, to buy them enough time to build a syndication business and eventually, a fully ad-supported business which commands the large ad dollars.

You Don't Need to Be on YouTube to Make Money With Video Content

An imperfect but useful analogy I use is the banking model, where retail, corporate and investment banking fees can create a large business. This can provide higher CPM rates by placing content in the right context.

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Notice how advertising revenue spikes each fourth quarter, for example. The Profitability Index represented in the chart takes into account operating margins and total return on investment, including likelihood of a liquidity event.

And, yes, I am completely biased, since this is the kind of business I am trying to build with WatchMojo.

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Video advertising will be a bigger business, but not necessarily a higher-margin business. Video will be Everywhere: on all Websites Video on the Web is no longer just about entertainment. It make money online on video also about marketing, instruction, and conveying information of all kinds. Content bellwether Wikipedia announced it will be rolling out videos soon enough. Init will create 50, videos. Publishers and ad networks will swap out low yield ad placements for videos that sell at a premium.

Of course, the flip side of that argument is that if video ad inventory lost all scarcity as display banners have, then it rates would also see a steep drop. Search benefitted from low expectations.

You Don't Need to Be on YouTube to Make Money With Video Content

Those who have tried are flailing badly. History Repeats Itself Video will follow search in two ways though.

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Search is software and Google is the only successful ad-supported technology company. Video is media, which has a internet investment news disposition to embrace ad-supported models.

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As such, advertising will monetize video streams. Search for The Leading Ad Format Everyone agrees that video advertising will be huge but what will the prevailing ad format be?

What might lead the way? However, there will always be properties which will forego pre-roll revenue to improve the user experience in order to build audiences, and all else being equal users will migrate to those sites.

The other problem with pre-rolls is lack of attention.

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When a pre-roll starts, I tune out and look for my headphones or go grab a coffee. Whereas most banners disappear quickly next to text with one downward scroll of the mouse, alongside a video player, that banner becomes quite valuable and top-of-mind since people are just staring at the video. Of course, content producers are also salivating over branded content more than product integration and product placement, the brand becomes central to the story or outright sponsorships.

Viral video is not an ad format, of course, but it is not quite make money online on video content nor is it supported by ads. As these become more common, achieving success with content alone becomes a sure-fire recipe for failure. All content will need to be supported by a media buy or some kind of promotional push.

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After all, on TV you spend millions creating an ad but you need to buy media spots to promote it. It always does. Sometimes in business, the solution is simpler than you can imagine.