How One RN Turned a Nursing Side Hustle into a 7-Figure Business

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Leave a Comment Nurses do make pretty good money, but there are times when you need a little extra for something special.

  • How One RN Turned a Nursing Side Hustle into a 7-Figure Business
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Maybe you have an upcoming wedding, vacation, or are thinking of buying a house. There is always extra work for nurses since they are in such great demand.

Here are some ways to pick up some quick extra cash! It is kind of like a temp agency for nurses. You may be sent to a pediatrics unit one day, and find yourself working the NICU the next. It just depends on what the contracted hospitals need for the day. You can tell them you are only available on the days you want to work.

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Many of the registries pay top-dollar for your services. It also helps build up your experience in other areas. Nursing registries also staff for community flu clinics in major retail stores during flu season that can give you some extra shifts from October through March. Community Clinics Community clinics always need help year round. They may need extra nurses during flu shot season or even year round doing childhood immunizations. You may also be able to pick up a gig or two giving talks about health conditions and health management.

You may also be sent to schools to do this. Some community clinics do require a Public Health Nurse certification. Medical Article Blogging You can spend time making money at home or anywhere really with medical and health blogs.

There are a number of sites that you can make offers to do the work for people building health related websites. You can also write for numerous healthcare product manufacturers.

10 Real Ways Nurses Can Make Extra Money

There is also the possibility of having your own nursing blog. This is something you can do whenever you have time, even on the days you do work outside the home.

When extra shifts become available in other departments, you can take them. This also gives you a chance to gain new and exciting experience in other areas of nursing.

Looking for side jobs for nurses? One may think that nursing is a great occupation with great pay and hours. And it is, but there are also plenty of other ways nurses can make extra money. Boosting your income not only provides greater peace of mind and a more stable financial foundation, but it can help you meet your financial goals faster.

Spend a day in the ER and get tons of IV start practice. Float to post-op and recover patients from surgery, or work with new moms learning where to make money for a nurse care for their babies in mother and baby care. You might even ask your Charge Nurse if there are extra shifts available right in your own department.

where to make money for a nurse

Home Health Nursing Visiting patients in their homes can be a very rewarding area of nursing. Home health agencies employ full-time, part-time, and even per diem nurses. You can sign up for a few shifts a week.

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This is easy extra cash in your pocket. Many agencies let you start your day from home. Call your patients while having your morning coffee, and be home before your kids get out of school. These shifts are usually through a nursing registry and you can work as little or often as you like. You will need to receive security clearance, but the extra pay is very generous.

where to make money for a nurse

Overtime is typically unheard of in regular hospitals these days. Even one shift a week may be enough to pad your account for that vacation.

where to make money for a nurse

Teaching Many schools for medical assistants, nursing assistants, and first aid courses have classes on weekends and at night. You could sign up to teach a class in your off hours.

This is truly a rewarding experience bringing others into the medical field and a way to make some extra pay.

where to make money for a nurse

Nursing Homes Most nursing homes also offer per diem shifts. Working with the elderly can be a positive experience and give you some extra cash.

You will gain experience in geriatrics, dementia care, wound care, and medication passes. It is also an opportunity to develop long lasting relationships with patients and their families while offering supportive care in the later years.

9 Side Jobs for Nurses – Earn Extra Income

Make sure to lookup your local nursing homes to see what openings they have. Wound Consulting Wound care can where to make money for a nurse a challenging area of nursing.

With a wound care nurse certification, you can do wound care consulting for doctors, hospitals, and wound clinics. You stay up-to-date on the latest wound healing techniques and treatments so you can make recommendations on the best treatments to try.

You can also teach classes on wound care and staging of wounds. You can choose the days and times you are available for consults, while still working your regular job.

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