Command line options

Options terminal

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The following options can be used to start Multi Gnome Terminal. These will over-ride any saved configuration settings.

No arguments beyond this one will be processed by the terminal. This behavior mimics the xterm -e behavior.

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The geometry specifies the desired width and height in terminal characters. This is the default, unless you have selected Use --login by default in the Preferences dialog. This is the default.

This is generally not needed, but is available for those who find they do need to change it.

gnome-terminal (1)

If there is no TerminalFactory running, then this option has no options terminal. It is not truly transparent since other Windows will not be visible through the terminal Window.

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This effects all terminals within the Tab as well, but options terminal Tabs may have belong to other Classes. This is essentially the old behavior of --tclass.

A program that implements such a text interface is often called a command-line interpreter, command processor or shell. Although the term 'shell' is often used to describe a command-line interpreter, strictly speaking, a 'shell' can be any program that constitutes the user-interface, including fully graphically oriented ones. INI configuration file.

This will automatically open one Tab. This can be combined with various other options listed below.

If you want to use wt.

Example: multi-gnome-terminal --add-tab Something fun to use with Keybindings. See example below for combining various command line options.

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If white space is included, use quotes. This can be used in conjunction with --add-tab to create a new Tab or with --add-window.

Options and commands

Successive --tcommand's can also be invoked so as to pass arguments to the first --tcommand. Or if white space is included, the command must be in quotes. The first word should be the command in this case, and any additional words, or characters separated by white space, would be arguments to the command.

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Obviously, something more suited for a key binding shortcut. Remember, once the command exits, so does the Tab.

Terminal 4

This is to aid in the positioning of terminals within the Window. This option bypasses this safety net, and thus is dangerous for general usage.

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It should not be used -- unless you have a very good reason, and know what you are doing. In most cases, it simply is not warranted.

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You can use more than one option at once. Who says the command line is not useful?