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    Trading advisors What is an advisor? As soon as you realize that you are psychologically ready to trade and are already trading not bad by yourself, try making your work more effective with the help of expert advisors. These are special programs that are installed directly onto your chart and cause the Terminal to open transactions upon certain signals.

    They can both analyze the current market situation and create trading orders. You might think that this must be the holy grail for all Forex traders.

    Trading robot on forts that case why is that with advisors being available we still do not see new Forex stars? If you have such a consistently earning Expert Advisor, what is the point of selling it?

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    Have you ever come across such "generous" EA dealers? We are not criticizing EAs, but merely warning everyone to be careful and in any case analyze the market yourself, tweak the EA settings and test your own personal strategies. Today we will consider several trading experts that can give a good result if you work carefully.

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    It was first launched in It is a trend-based EA. The principle behind it is simple - it opens trading orders in the direction of long-term and medium-term trends.

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    This EA is notable for its indicator analysis algorithm for finding trade entry points. In this case, averaging or doubling of the lot can be used, but the use of Martingale strategy does not underlie the main technique of this advisor.

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    It can also do the following: - trade on low volumes starting from 0. Its main task is to analyze micro-fluctuations of a currency pair and make a short trade with a small profit.

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