Educational Screenings of Documentaries

Documentary option

In our MA documentary option, students can deepen their powers of observation and expression while developing their own style as documentary film directors.

documentary option

Courses in film analysis, theory, history, ethics and modern-form documentary round out the MA studies. Theory and Practice.

Documentary Certificate

Students will experiment with contemporary expressions in the genre and engage with the history, theory and ethics of documentary film.

Direction of the MA diploma film is an important framework within which students develop their professional skills and take part in developing documentary traditions. Occasionally, part of the courses might be taught in Finnish.

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The degree can be completed in English. The Documentary Film major invites numerous visiting lectures and artists, both from Finland and abroad, who offer multiple viewpoints documentary option our students and enrich their learning experiences.

The students' ability to observe and interpret reality, their readiness to encounter people, critical thinking, willingness to experiment and ability to work in a team are developed throughout the program.

Courses and studies support these creative and research processes. Amongst others, students can take advanced courses in different genres, styles and approaches to documentary film, documentary history, theory and ethics, documentary option new forms and buy earnings on the Internet of contemporary documentary.

Documentary Distribution Options: Life Beyond TV

Knowledge of experimental documentary option fiction film, visual arts, new media and interdisciplinary engagements are also a vital part of our program. Studies in the master's programme include departments joint courses 30 ECTS which are obligatory.

These courses deal with entrepreneurial and working life skills, analytical skills, and provide research skills.

documentary option

For further details on the education content, see documentary option study guide for They will be able to shape the future of the genre while working in film production, film organisations, festivals, and in the broader field of culture.

The works produced by graduates of Documentary Film studies are highly visible at various international festivals. Work on a variety of platforms and environments theatrical documentary, documentary series, interactive documentary, educational and commissioned films, journalistic, science and institutional documentary, etc.

For available formats of a particular title, please review the film page. About Digital Site Licenses By purchasing a Digital Site License, academic institutions receive a digital file for storage on their own or on third-party servers, for streaming to authorized users in their community. The terms of Digital Site Licenses may be for one or more years. We now offer Life of File. Purchases of a Digital Site License agree to the following terms: Authorized Users: All current staff, faculty and employees of the university, whether part-time or full-time, and students who are currently registered who are permitted to access the Secure Network from within the Campus or from such other places where Authorized Users work or study documentary option who have been issued by the Licensee with a password or other authentication.

Work as documentary film teachers and instructors. Apply for further film studies.

documentary option

Internationalisation International faculty, students, and visiting teachers enrich the program and widen students network. Students are encouraged to complete part of their studies in international exchange programmes or internships. Students attend and present their films at international film festivals. Various international film events, seminars and workshops are an essential part of documentary film teaching.

From physical training to self-awareness under extreme conditions to medical research we covered a wide range of topics getting to know more about one of the most successful underwater explorers.

Post-graduate opportunities Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture offers doctoral studies in the fields of architecture, art, design, media, film and scenography. For more information about our research groups visit the following link. Phase I.

documentary option