How to Make Money on YouTube (Without a Million Subscribers)

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Are you looking for a way to make money with your blog? Have you thought about making video tutorials? Did you know that you can create free video tutorials that can make you money? But I wanted to take it to the next level.

How To Make Money on YouTube in 2020

What if I created a bunch of tutorials for one specific company and go all in? What was the result? This has shown me the power of creating video tutorials to increase your blogging income.

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So how do you do this well? Continue reading… Ask These Preliminary Questions There are a few questions you should ask yourself before creating one video for the purpose of making money.

Question 1: Who is your target audience? Who is your target audience? This is such an important question to ask with every piece of content you create.

Whether it is for training or advertising purposes, clearly video content is the media of the future. It only makes sense to partner these concepts into one exciting and lucrative business opportunity. With the proper technique and an interesting subject, you can begin making money today by making training videos with your smartphone. Your success hinges on making training videos that others will want to watch!

Understanding who your target audience is will help you determine the best content to create for them. In my example, my target audience consists of people who are interested in building a business with a blog.

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They want to take their passion and turn it into a business. They have knowledge to share with the world and know that that by doing so, they will make the world a better place. You should know that from my tagline: Changing the world one blog at a time. Question 2: What are their goals? What are their goals?

What exactly is your target audience trying to accomplish? Are they trying to build a business with a blog? Are they trying to pass their biology class? Are they trying to find a work-life balance? Understanding what their goals are will help you determine how to best help them.

Question 3: What tools and resources will they need to help them accomplish their goals?

How to Make Money and Get Paid by YouTube

To accomplish any goal in life, you will need certain tools and resources. This is the same video what is money how to make it the people who come to your blog.

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What will they need? In my case, I know that my audience will need to get a domain name and hosting account. They will need to install WordPress. They will need an email marketing service. The list goes on and on.

How to earn money on YouTube

Affiliate Partners Knowing this will give me an understanding of what video tutorials I can make to help them. Question 4: Do those tools and resources have affiliate programs? Affiliate programs are great for this. Make sure you are able to sign up as an affiliate. Here are my thoughts on how to do this: Choose ONE tool to start Choose one tool to start It would be great to have a wide range of video tutorials on many topics.

How do you choose? Start by looking at what you use to accomplish what your audience is trying to accomplish.

How to Make Money on YouTube (Without a Million Subscribers)

If it has been useful to you, it will probably be useful to your audience as well. Ask: What will they need to know to use that tool? In order for them to use the tool, they will need to know how to use it. I know — that was redundant. Ask: What questions will they have when using the tool?

If you can answer those questions, they will be more likely to take the action you want them to take. There are a few different choices for the types of video you can create: Screen recording: With this type of video, you are recording your screen and guiding the viewer through how to perform certain actions.

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