London Stock Exchange

Trade options on the london exchange. How to Trade on the London Stock Exchange


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    Inderegulation of financial markets occurred in the U. Inthe Royal Exchange moved into a new building after the old Exchange Tower facility became obsolete due to the Big Bang. As of Maythe Main Market consists of U.

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    This international market for smaller and growing companies includes businesses ranging from early stage to venture capital financing as well as more established companies.

    Professional Securities Market: This market enables firms to raise capital by listing specialist securities such as depositary and debt receipts. Method 1: Open an Account with an International Broker The easiest way to access stocks traded on the London Stock Exchange involves getting an international broker with representation on the LSE and the ability to execute trades for its customers on the Exchange.

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    Regardless of where in the world you may be, you can open an account with Interactive Brokers as long as you have a sufficient minimum deposit. One of the leading online international brokersInteractive Brokers holds a membership on the LSE, has an office in the U. Trade options on the london exchange can also buy LSE-listed stocks if you live in the U. Your selection of ADRs may be limited to larger U.

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    You can open and maintain your account with multiple currencies at Interactive Brokers, which can make trading in foreign stocks easier. Other reputable brokers that give clients access to foreign stock markets include Fidelity and Charles Schwab.

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