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Quantitative easing Video transcript Let's learn a little bit about just how a plain vanilla bank works. So let's say that I'm an entrepreneur and I see a problem out there in the world. You have all of these hardworking people-- whatever they do-- doctors, lawyers, engineers, construction workers-- whatever they might do. They work, they provide services to each other and they have savings, right?

Still, banks have to generate revenue in excess of what it costs them to operate branches whether you like it how did Anka make money video not — and in order to do that, they get creative about finding ways to make more money off of you.

Your bank loans it out and earns interest on those loans. Ideally, your bank would then share that interest with you.

Every time. We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. So how do we make money?

In reality, they seldom do. In short, they maximize the interest they earn while minimizing what they pay you on your own deposits.

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Say you have a checking account that earns no interest which is fairly common. If your bank earns 2. They charge you unnecessary fees Speaking of minimum balances, most banks will charge you a fee if you fall below a particular account balance.

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Worse still, you can trigger this fee if how did Anka make money video fall below the threshold even once — even if your average account balance far exceeds the minimum and even when you hold a balance way above the threshold in another account at the same bank.

This is just one example of the many account fees banks charge to make money off of their customers. Another example of a trigger-based fee that generates a significant amount of revenue is the overdraft fee. Banks also make money on the fees associated with currency exchange and wire transfers.

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When you send a wire transfer, you typically have to visit a bank branch because the limits to send a wire transfer without visiting a branch can be frustratingly low. They slow down your money movement In the early days of the U. Whenever you paid someone by check, it took days to clear because the check had to physically arrive at the bank where it could be accounted for.

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During that time, your bank has access to your money and can earn interest on it until the funds leave the bank, but you cannot. Another example of this is how your bank generally receives your paycheck from your employer two days before they make it available to you.

Doing things differently At Wealthfront, our mission is to build a financial system that favors people, not institutions.

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Unlike traditional banks, Wealthfront puts you and your needs first. We believe your banking relationship should benefit you, not just your trading with a trend correction.

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