How is Remote Work Salary Determined?

What kind of remote earnings

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Join FlexJobs! June 24, Wondering how your salary is impacted by working remotely?

what kind of remote earnings

Check out these insights from recruiters about how they set salaries for their remote jobs. Another way remote what kind of remote earnings disrupt traditional work norms?

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The different metrics companies use to set salaries. We compiled insights from recruiters at seven companies about how they what kind of remote earnings salaries for their remote jobs.

Location is a big deal when it comes to salary ranges because the cost of living varies so much from place to place, both within the United States and internationally. The insights below should make the salary setting process for remote jobs more clear!

what kind of remote earnings

First, the big question: Does having more work flexibility make your salary rate go down? We create salary bands for each particular job at a particular level and we put the midpoint of that band at 70 percent of the market, looking at Seattle pay rates.


So, for instance, if you were to ask me if we pay the same amount of money for a role for someone who is working from home in New York as we do for someone who is working from home in Oklahoma City, the answer is going to be no. Now, one of the reasons that we really prefer being virtual and flexible is that, not only do we get access to all the best candidates no matter where they sit, but it does, frankly, allow us to be more cost competitive because we can balance having people in very expensive metro areas with having people who prefer to not be in those metro areas.

We take a look at salary data, the midpoint, and the like.

what kind of remote earnings

The position will pay one amount, no matter where you live. Because of that, we tend to have people who are outside of main cities because of the pay.

Remote Work Salary Cut or Stay In-Office?

We do pay well, and then we have bonuses that can help people increase their pay range. But we do have one certain pay range for everybody.

what kind of remote earnings

You have to use the three methods described above to come up with three potential salary ranges for yourself. Using salary research sites like PayScale and Salary.

what kind of remote earnings

Figuring out the salary range for a remote job takes a little bit more effort, but can pay off, quite literally, in the long run. Photo Credit: bigstockphoto. Related Articles.