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Woodman's also pioneered what is now called the "superstore.

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But competition means that Woodman's must continually evolve and look for new ways to bring people into their stores. Grocers face challenging decisions about where and how to invest limited capital, with return on investment ROI often driving their choices. Like Woodman's, many have found that fourth wall how woodman makes money, such as self-service coin counters, can provide solid returns and compliment high- quality customer service initiatives.

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Ownership drives income and ROI "We were always interested in adding coin counters," said Clint Woodman, vice president, Woodman's Food Markets, "but every coin program that was presented to us just gave a small percentage of the profit.

That was never enticing to us.

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A proven income driver, self-service coin counter ownership provides solid ROI. Woodman discovered that ownership also ensures a positive impact on customers, as well as enabling stores to set fees, choose options and determine the timing of coin collection and service. Owning his self-service coin counters also allows Woodman's to manage the organization's profit.

Nick Woodman, the surfer turned billionaire, is about to become the highest paid executive in America. That makes Woodman the No. Technically, Woodman hasn't received all of the stock awards yet. He got them "on paper" in earlybut they are paid out monthly over the span of several years, according to filings. They quickly shot through the roof and nearly climbed into triple-digit territory before coming back to Earth.

Every square foot of potential selling space must be maximized to generate revenue as well as attract new and repeat customers. How woodman makes money the typical arrangement where machines are placed by an outside company, grocers keep less than two percent of the customer fee.

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By owning the coin counting machines, stores retain the entire fee from every transaction. The example below of ownership versus placement demonstrates an eight percent difference in fee retention, making an equally compelling argument for buying versus placement.

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To be able to dump their coin in and get cash right out of the machine, that's probably the best aspect of the whole coin machine program. It's really just been very easy.

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We didn't have to add anything. Keesey said the coin counter with FastPay is "so self-explanatory most people have a general concept of how it is used or have figured it out on their own.

And they have hour access to the machine here.

Can He Recover?

A lot of customers then go into the store right away, shopping with the cash that they've redeemed. Woodman reflected, "We try to put all of our good ideas in front of the customers, the more services you provide, the more they are going to think about going to your store.