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Tweet Eveve have worked with over 1, full service restaurants in the past 10 years, covering a vast array of cuisines, locations and operations. This blog forms the second in a series of three, looking at the question from three different perspectives. This what is more profitable to make money blog considers the question of profit from the perspective of an existing restaurant. After all it is the reason your guests will leave the house in the first place. Ensure that you have a chef whom you can trust, who can run a team what is more profitable to make money can prepare food in a timely manner, with consistent quality.

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Make sure that the menu is not too long, to ensure you have the freshest food. Invest in quality ingredients, it is the only way to ensure a superior product is being provided to your guests. If this is not addressed, there is little point in going on to the next points. Ensure Sufficient Two-Top Tables.

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The cardinal sin of most architects is completely ignoring economic reality when designing floor layouts. The fact is, the most common party size in fine dining restaurants is two, followed by four tops. Even more important, two-tops tend to have a higher spend per head, and a shorter turn time, which means they earn far more per hour. It is incredibly common for restaurants to have banks of large tables and booths, and a relatively small number of two-tops, often situated in the least hospitable parts of the restaurants.

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The result is that most restaurants end up sitting two-tops on six person tables, even at times when they are full running a waitlistwhich is a huge waste of resources.

To ensure the profitability of your new venture, remember that you will probably get more two-tops than any other party size, they will spend more per head, and be in and out relatively quickly, so ensure plenty of two-tops, and that some of these are in nice locations, like beside the window.

Finally, it is easy to combine several two-tops what is more profitable to make money to a larger table, but you strategies for 5 minute options not split a larger fixture like a booth between two or three parties. Give Millenials What They Want. This makes Millenials the key audience for profit seeking restaurants. Consider the hottest restaurants in your city right now, and it is likely they will be filled with well-paid millennials spending money liberally.

The issue with Millennials is that they are different from previous generations, and want different things. If you want to attract Millennials, observe and learn from the restaurants in your city doing the best job perhaps with farm-to-table, chef-driven creative concepts and healthy options and avoid the 90s mistakes of high fat, pre-processed foods the emphasis of quantity over quality.

Valuing a business Making your business more profitable Profit is the positive financial gain your business makes after you've subtracted all your expenses. The ability to generate profit is crucial to the survival of your business.

Accept Reservations. If your restaurant is full service, reservations are a must. Not only are they requisite for the guest experience, but they are highly effective for the operator as well. Walk-ins tend to come in large lumps, around 7pm for example, or Sunday Brunch at 10am. A well planned reservation system is far more effective at smoothing the loading of diners over the whole shift versus walk-ins, which improves food and service consistency, improves the guest experience and your profit.

For more information of how to run your reservations to maximise profit, please see the third blog in our series "How do I make my Restaurant more Profitable".

Invest in a Lead Host. And why not? It is the most intellectually vigorous position in the restaurant when done futures options. Yet in many American restaurants, the host team are the least well paid members of staff.

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It is crucial to have one person beside the door who knows what they are doing. Invest in a well-paid, experienced lead host or reservations manager, who understands the importance of maximising reservations and walk-ins, and is incentivised to manage the floor in a profitable way for your business. In many of the most successful restaurants, the GM or restaurateur takes on this role themselves at weekends.

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Leading on from point four, it is essential that every guest who walks over the threshold is greeted enthusiastically and courteously within the first 10 seconds.

Many of the most profitable restaurants ensure that servers who are available act as backup hosts when the latter are overloaded. A busy restaurant is good for all team members.

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The corollary of greetings what is more profitable to make money farewells, and they are just as important, if not more so. How many times have you eaten in an expensive restaurant, only to pay and walk out without a thank you along the way? The farewell is the final interaction with the guest, and if the dining experience was positive, it will reinforce a great memory. If the experience was mediocre or poor, the farewell gives an opportunity to improve the experience or address a problem.

If you identify a problem at farewell, perhaps offer a gift card, so you can avert a negative online review and have the chance to win back that customer again. Make sure your hosts take on the responsibility of bidding farewell to every one of your guests.

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Often when a server approaches a host stand during service, it is to find out how many diners are in their section which they should have already been told before service started and to hussle for more at the expense of other hosts and the general welfare of the restaurant.

In many cases this distorts the hosts decision-making prism and not in a good way. If server sections are cycled every shift, it will even out any irregularities within a single shift, and allow your hosts to focus on what they should be doing—maximising your profit!

Website Your restaurant probably cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions to renovate or build. How much did you spend on your website? Inyour website is your sales and marketing platform. A well optimised website is how most of your new diners will discover your business. The revenue driven by the website will be tens of times the outlay and is crucial to your profitability, so do not scrimp on the cost with an amateur. Choose a professional, and better still one which specialises in restaurants.

In a bind? Need some fast cash? Some are easier than others, but nearly all require very little to no capital. They are meant to get you through the difficult times.

Social Media. InSocial Media is critical in the portrayal of your restaurants and brand, but the delivery is crucial.

When managing your social media presence, focus on short direct messages which clearly identify what your brand stands for and why people should visit your restaurant; showcase your food with sumptuous photography; and keep diners abreast of your upcoming events.

The upcoming events calendar is important to create a sense of buzz about your place. No one wants to eat in a quiet or stale restaurant. Eveve Software You can share this story by using your social accounts: Recent Posts.