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Black viewed noise as being the opposite of information and that there was a disproportionate amount of trading happening based on it.

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Noise traders, on the other hand, are more reactionary. They rely on trending news, sudden surges or declines in prices, and word of mouth that's not based on any tangible evidence.

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Market noise can lead to knee-jerk trading that comes from haste rather than carefully analyzed data over time. Noise is simply there to cause confusion and uncertainty about something on the market.

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For example, if a negative news story about a company comes out in the morning, a noise trader may oversell stock at a lower price. An informed investor who picks up on the noise trader risk can feasibly buy the stock at that lower price with the confidence that it will rise again. Positive news about a company can also artificially inflate market value if noise traders decide to buy stocks at an abnormal rate.

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This overreaction to good and bad news is what causes market noise in a nutshell. The inability to remain calm and collected while taking things at face value causes noise trader risk, but there's a way to prepare for it. Planning Ahead of Market Noise To say that you can completely avoid market noise may be an overstatement depending on who noise in trading ask.

Market Noise and Noise Trading In finance, the word noise does not literally refer to unpleasant loud sounds that disturb the peace. It broadly refers to a situation whereby there is a misrepresentation of underlying market activity. The word was first used by Fischer Black.

That said, experienced traders who have a well-developed system in place are always going to be more strategic in noise in trading financial planning. The best way to do that is through careful research.

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Then, based on that research, create standards and processes that you don't deviate from at random. Know your risk limits and trade based on real information as opposed to noise.

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Do your own research, and you can build the confidence to options directional trading impulse trading.

Our trusted team of advisors can help you make informed financial planning decisions that are based on carefully researched information, not market noise.

Updated Apr 9, What is a Noise Trader? Noise trader is generally a term used in academic finance studies associated with the Efficient Markets Hypothesis EMH. The definition is often vaguely stated throughout the literature though it is mainly intended to describe investors who make decisions to buy or sell based on factors they believe to be helpful but in reality will give them no better returns than random choices.