Bakemonogatari 1 15 Sub Thai Siwan

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    Archived I'm about to rewatch the series with a friend, starting at Bakemonogatari.

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    Given this is a dialogue-heavy show, I think it's important that I choose subs that preserve the meaning and personality of each character, and try not to switch groups when possible. This quickly narrows down the list sorry ANE.

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    I like Commie's typesetting, and the dialogue is fun, but I get the sneaking suspicion that they make everyone talk like sassy assholes, even Hanekawa, so I worry that meaning has been lost. I did some comparisons between Commie and Coalgirls, and in terms of translation I found them to be different but not better or worse. However they've done the BDs for basically everything up to Owari Ep7, so they're my 1 so far if I want to prefer visual quality over translation.

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    I don't know anything about HorribleSubs or the script they chose, but I haven't seen anything with them that I disliked. Bakemonogatari 1 15 Sub Thai Siwan News If anyone has some insight on the quality of the translations, it would be monumentally helpful.

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