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A stamped concrete patio gives you a two-tone look. No question, it's beautiful. The traditional method: Add color to the concrete truck.

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Taking the Plunge: How to Pick an In-Ground Pool The dog days of summer might make you wish you could relax in your own in-ground pool. If you're considering installing one for next summer, now's the time to get serious about planning. We'll help you sort through your options.

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Most pool contractors offer discounts for pools purchased now for installation later this summer or very early next spring, periods when the pool business typically is slow.

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  • The 4 Different Types of Inground Pools

Here's a quick look at the three most popular types of in-ground pool options Concrete Concrete pools are the most popular—and most expensive—type of pool. They're often called Gunite or Shotcrete pools; that's because builders pump wet concrete through a hose and shoot it from a gun onto steel-reinforced walls.

While wood is a possibility, the cost of building one that would not deteriorate in a few years narrows the choices down to the most popular and efficient. Keep in mind that there are variations of pool options main types, allowing you more options. Here's what you need to know about the four types of in-ground pools. Concrete is durable and porous, allowing the plaster-coated shell to hold water, provide stability, and to be replastered when needed, adding to its longevity.

Once the concrete cures, it's plastered, troweled smooth, and painted. The benefit of concrete is that it can be formed to any size or shape for a truly custom pool. It generally takes between three and 12 weeks to install a concrete pool. That's longer than other types, but concrete pool options considered the strongest, most durable type of pool. And unlike other in-ground pools, existing concrete pools can be rebuilt, refinished, enlarged, or pool options.

1. Salt Water Chlorine Generators

Vinyl Vinyl-lined pools are the second most popular type of in-ground pool, and their numbers are growing. Each pool is made from a one-piece flexible liner that fits into an excavated hole, and is then attached to a steel- or aluminum-framed wall.

Vinyl pools come in a limited pool options of sizes and shapes. Most are rectangular, but L-shape and freeform liners are also available. The average-size vinyl pool can be installed in one pool options three weeks.

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The big danger with a vinyl-lined pool is that pointy pool toys, playful dogs, and sharp objects can rip or puncture the liner. Damaged liners can be fixed, but it's best to pay extra for a heavy-duty liner that's at least 20 mm millimeters thick.

Concrete Pool Surface Options

Fiberglass Fiberglass pools are factory-molded into giant bowl-shaped shells, which are then set into the excavated hole by a crane. And while sizes and shapes are somewhat limited, the big advantage is that a fiberglass pool can be installed in as little as three days. It's also the most affordable type of in-ground pool.

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Another benefit is that fiberglass pools have a super-smooth gel-coat finish that's extremely durable and nonporous, so these pools tend to use fewer chemicals than concrete pools.

But before deciding on a fiberglass pool, be sure pool options got plenty of space in pool options backyard for the crane to enter and maneuver. The area must also be free of any overhead wires or power lines.

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The Final Word Generally, all three types of pools are available nationwide. But certain types are more common than others in some regions.

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So before getting your heart set on any one type of pool, call at least three different pool contractors in your area and ask which type they install. You may find your choices limited simply by what's available in your region. It's hard to put a ballpark price on these types of pools, since it can vary so much based on where you live and a host of other factors.

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And when budgeting for a new swimming pool, don't forget to include the cost of fencing, landscaping, utility shed, and other pool-related expenditures. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

Here are some important swimming pool options that you should consider and why. We have also included some budget saving tips. Automatic Pool Covers. Automatic pool covers do more than protect your loved ones and pets; they make owning your own pool easy.

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