Choosing The Right Turbo

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Electric Turbo 1. Single-Turbo Single turbochargers alone have limitless variability. Differing the top turbo options wheel size and turbine will lead to completely different torque characteristics. Large turbos will bring on high top-end power, but smaller turbos will provide better low-end grunt as they spool faster.

There are also ball bearing and journal bearing single turbos.

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Ball bearings provide less friction for the compressor and turbine to spin on, thus are faster to spool while adding cost. Simple, generally the easiest of the turbocharging options to install.

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Allows for using smaller engines to produce the same power as larger naturally-aspirated engines, which can often remove weight. Disadvantages Single turbos tend to have a fairly narrow effective RPM range.

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Turbo response may not be as quick as alternative turbo setups. Twin-Turbo Just like single turbochargers, there are plenty of options when using two turbochargers.

How To: Install a Turbo Kit

You could have a single turbocharger for each cylinder bank V6, V8, etc. For sequential turbos or using one turbo at low RPM and both at high RPM, this allows for a much wider, flatter torque curve.

There are lighter, more efficient ways of achieving similar results as discussed below. Twin-Scroll Turbo Twin-scroll turbochargers are better in nearly every way than single-scroll turbos.

By using two scrolls, the exhaust pulses are divided. For example, on four cylinder engines firing ordercylinders 1 top turbo options top turbo options might feed to one scroll of the turbo, while cylinders 2 and 3 feed to a separate scroll.

Why is this beneficial?

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top turbo options While this is happening, cylinder 2 is ending the exhaust stroke, closing the exhaust valve and top turbo options the intake valve, but there is some overlap. In a traditional single-scroll turbo manifold, the exhaust pressure from cylinder 1 will interfere with cylinder 2 pulling in fresh air since both exhaust valves are temporarily open, reducing how much pressure reaches the turbo and interfering with how much air cylinder 2 pulls in.

By dividing the scrolls, this problem is eliminated. Advantages More energy is sent to the exhaust turbine, meaning more power.

Which Turbo Is Best For You - Upgrading Your Diesels Turbocharger

A wider RPM range of effective boost is possible top turbo options top turbo options the different scroll designs. More valve overlap is possible without hampering exhaust scavenging, meaning more tuning flexibility. Disadvantages Requires a specific engine layout and exhaust design eg: I4 and V8 where 2 cylinders can be fed to each scroll of the turbo, at even intervals.

Cost and complexity versus traditional single turbos. Variable Geometry Turbocharger VGT Perhaps one of the most exceptional forms of turbocharging, VGTs are limited in production though fairly common in diesel engines as a result of cost and exotic material requirements.

The result is low turbo lag, a low boost threshold, and a wide and smooth torque band. Advantages Wide, flat torque curve.

Choosing the right Turbo

Effective turbocharging at a very wide RPM range. Requires just a single turbo, simplifying a sequential turbo setup into something more top turbo options. Disadvantages Typically only used in diesel applications where exhaust gases are lower so the vanes will not be damaged by heat.

For gasoline applications, cost typically keeps them out as exotic metals have to be used in order to corporate options reliability.

The tech has been used on the Porschethough very few VGT gasoline engines exist as a result of the cost associated. While attending SEMA I stopped by the BorgWarner booth to look into the latest in turbocharging, among the concepts is the variable twin-scroll turbo as described in the video above. Advantages Significantly cheaper in theory than VGTs, thus making an acceptable case for gasoline turbocharging.

Engineering Explained: 6 Different Types Of Turbocharger And The Advantages Of Each Setup

Allows for a wide, flat torque curve. More robust in design versus a VGT, depending on the material selection. Disadvantages Cost and complexity versus using a single turbo or traditional twin-scroll. There are likely additional challenges with the technology. Electric Turbochargers Throwing a powerful electric motor in the mix eliminates nearly all of the drawbacks of a turbocharger. Turbo lag? Not enough exhaust gases?

The turbo supplied for this test was equipped with a. Of course, we can also improve on the peak power number by stepping up to the Aurorawhich maintains strong towing performance while improving on the peak power number. The ATS turbo lineup represents one of the few aftermarket companies that designs, casts, and builds turbochargers from start to finish, in-house. While failures are very rare, I would still caution users to only adjust their wastegates if necessary. We offer a wide range of turbochargers on either side of the Killer B.

No problem. Now it can! Perhaps the next phase of modern turbocharging, there are undoubtably drawbacks of the electric path as well.


Advantages By directly connecting an electric motor to the compressor wheel, turbo lag and insufficient exhaust gases can be virtually eliminated by spinning the compressor with electric power when needed. By connecting an electric motor to the exhaust turbine, wasted energy can be recovered as is done in Formula 1.

A very wide effective RPM range with even torque throughout.

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Disadvantages Cost and complexity, as you now must account for the electric motor and ensure it remains cool to prevent reliability issues. That goes for the added controllers as well. Packaging and weight become an issue, especially with the addition of a battery on board, which will be necessary to supply sufficient power to the turbo when needed.

VGTs or twin-scrolls can offer very similar benefits though not at quite the same level for a significantly lower cost.

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