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When you invest in Mutual Funds distributed by Citibank, you enjoy the advantage of our extensive research, and a rigorous selection process. That's not all.

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Consider the many benefits of investing in Mutual Funds with us today. Invest with Citibank in Mutual Funds and get: Professional Management Benefit from expert management of your money internet investment schedule qualified professionals. Enjoy the advantage of having the funds you invest in continuously monitored.

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They remain under non-stop performance and performance analysis by seasoned research teams. This regular and continuous process adds value to your investment—the reason why your investments fare better when managed by an investment professional. Intelligent Investing Lower your risk of loss by having your investment spread across various industries and geographic regions.

internet investment schedule

This investment concept is called diversification. It is an extremely rare possibility for all your investments to decline at the same time and in the same proportion.

internet investment schedule

Flexibility Mutual Funds offer a variety of schemes that will suit your needs over a lifetime. When you enter a new stage in your life, all you need to do is rearrange your portfolio to suit your altered lifestyle. Liquidity With open-end funds, you can redeem all or part of your investment any time you wish and receive the current value of your investment.

internet investment schedule

In addition, the process is standardised, making it quick and efficient so that you can get your cash in hand as soon as possible. Transparency The performance of a Mutual Fund is reviewed by various publications and rating agencies, making it easy for investors to compare one fund to another. As a unit holder, you are provided with regular updates, for example daily NAVs, as well as information on the fund's holdings and the fund manager's strategy.

They are obliged to follow strict regulations designed to protect investors.

Invest with Citibank in Mutual Funds and get:

All operations are also regularly monitored by the Internet investment schedule. Use Citibank Online to view your account and transact conveniently from anywhere, anytime.

internet investment schedule

It works on extremely intuitive technology to offer you insightful results. Of course, it's easy-to-use.

internet investment schedule

Mutual Funds On Offer Choose from an attractive line-up of Mutual Funds from 19 select fund houses with impeccable credentials. CitiChoice Depending on your risk appetite and desired returns, you can select from a range of Mutual Funds from the leading fund houses in India.

CitiChoice gives you a rigorously compiled short-list of funds to select from.

internet investment schedule

You can invest in liquid, debt and equity funds from the following fund houses through Citibank. Scheme Offer Documents.