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How to make money in zepeto


how to make money in zepeto how to really make money at home

WhatsApp Share Tweet Send Learn how to earn coins in Zepeto so you can add that personal touch to your avatar with the different elements available If you want to customize even more your Zepeto avatar, you must know that all kinds of elements and accessories have a cost in the application. To get them, you need coins, and there are several ways to get them. Daily coin bonus By logging in to Zepeto every day, you earn a daily coin bonus, which resets every week.

With daily challenges Zepeto is a social media that allows you to create a 3D avatar of yourself, which you can use in the app chatroom. By taking your picture from the gallery of your device, you can customize it.

To check the day and the coin bonus we will get, just tap on the Quest button at the top left of the screen. Press Quest In this section, you must tap on the icon or button shaped like a calendar.

Tap the calendar icon You will be shown your current daily bonus, as well as the next daily rewards. Daily coin bonus Contests Another option, and the most used by many users, is to go to the previous section, to the Quest tab.

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  2. How to earn coins in Zepeto
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There, you will see various tasks that you can complete from the moment you create your avatar Zepeto. Daily quests or tasks Tasks are updated daily.

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You can also try other options by tapping the Lucky button at the top of the screen. Click on Lucky With this option, you can spin the roulette and get gems or coins for free.

By Nery Pollman Rabu, 28 Agustus How To Make Money Zepeto Girl gamer plays a game only intended for men how to make money zepeto youtube thu apr 11 my money wizard gmt coordinated universal time at how to make money podcasting ep21 youtube gmrmama. Parents should take extreme caution when deciding if their tweens or young survey proposal format teens are able to handle the temptations this app presents. How how to make money on youtube vertical sight to make money zepeto. Snapchat bottom line xe trade cheap international money transfers finder com is it safe for your kid.

You can also watch an advertising video and double the reward earned. Lucky section The how to make money in zepeto can give you coins. Lucky Spin V2 and reward You will see that there are many other activities that you can complete and earn fabulous rewards.

First, you must tap on the Play button. Click the Play button Then, tap on Zombie Run to start a new game. Zombie Run You can earn coins in every game you play.

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The reward amount will depend on your performance in each game.