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Overview Use this checklist to perform a complete save. When appropriate, select the option that you require. If you choose to, you can print system information during the procedure.

Please refer to the current edition of option 21 "Internet Official Protocol Standards" STD 1 for the standardization state and status of this protocol.

Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

option 21

All Rights Reserved. This server MUST be an outbound proxy server, as defined in [ 3 ]. The client can be a user agent client or the client option 21 of a option 21 server. Introduction The Session Initiation Protocol SIP [ 2 ] is an application-layer control protocol that can establish, modify and terminate multimedia sessions or calls.

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A SIP system has a number of logical components: user agents, proxy servers, redirect servers and registrars. However in some circumstances, such as when firewalls are present, or local dialing plans, local emergency and other services need to be provided, SIP clients need to use a local server for outbound requests.

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This is one of many possible solutions for locating the outbound SIP server; manual configuration is an example of another. This makes the option shorter, easier to parse, simplifies appropriate word alignment for the numeric addresses and allows the client to request either numeric or domain name options using the "option request option".

An implementation implementing this specification MUST support both options. Each label is represented as a one octet length field followed by that number of option 21. The high order two bits of every length octet must be zero, and the remaining six bits of the length field limit the label to 63 octets or less.

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To simplify implementations, the total length of a domain name i. The client only resolves the subsequent domain names if attempts to contact the first one failed or yielded no common transport protocols between client and server or denote a domain administratively option 21 by client policy.

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Domain names MUST be listed in order of preference. The domain names are encoded as specified in Section 8 "Representation and use of domain names" of the DHCPv6 specification [ 1 ].

option 21

Servers MUST be listed in order of preference. The servers are listed in the order of preference for use by the client.

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If an adversary manages to modify the response from a DHCP server or insert its own response, a SIP user agent could be led to contact a rogue SIP server, possibly one that then intercepts call requests or denies service. Acknowledgements Erik Nordmark and Alex Zinin provided helpful comments.

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Normative References [ 1 ] Droms, R. Informative References [ 6 ] Schulzrinne, H.

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This document and translations of it may be copied and furnished to others, and derivative works that comment on or otherwise explain it or assist in its implementation may be prepared, copied, published and distributed, in whole or in part, without restriction of any kind, provided that the above copyright notice and this paragraph are included on all such copies and derivative works.

However, this document itself may not be modified in any way, such as by removing the copyright notice or references to the Internet Society or other Internet organizations, except as needed for the purpose of developing Internet standards in which case the procedures for copyrights defined in the Internet Standards option 21 must be followed, or as required to translate it into languages other than English.

option 21

The limited permissions granted above are perpetual and will not be revoked by the Internet Society or its option 21 or assigns.