50 Ways Librarians Can Make Money with a Library Job

Make money in the library

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Susan V November 8,am One of the newest joys of the library though not a healthier aspect is that for e-reader owners gift like me, once you have a library card, you can check out tons of digital content right from your own home. One day, when we looked around at all the stuff we had and realized how consumerist and cluttered our lives had become, we started purging. We sold a lot on Craigslist or eBay, but all of the books went to a local library that would put desired titles into circulation, others would be sold to support the library.

Same with DVDs of which I am embarrassed to admit how many we had!

make money in the library

Now if we want new music, movies or books, we get them from the library. Thanks for the blog- really enjoying it!

make money in the library

Reply Kellen November 8,make money in the library You should be able to purchase cable internet separately from cable TV. Imagine you order some nice grilled fish over rice in a restaurant and it comes with a little side dish of rat poison — you just skip the poisonous part, right?

I make money in the library meant that if I could learn to live without cable TV. We do some other things that help maximize the value if it can be called that. My dad watches shows via computer with our make money in the library.

Strangely, I think we could get along fine without cable, but I miss the news channels the most when services are down. Reply Kimberly V January 15,pm Take a look around the web and see what of your regular viewing habits are available to stream online. Many networks offer their most popular shows a day or two after they air. The downsides were that it made me feel make money in the library one sided on a lot of political issues because the podcasts I liked had a strong bias. Reply Joe Average April 22,am Check with the phone company too.

make money in the library

We have DSL and have no problem streaming TV live via overseas outlets and also the typical domestic options. At first glance it looks like DSL is cheaper here than cable internet.

Scott November 8,pm TV rules. Well, it would rule if anything good ever came on.

How I Am Making Money On Library (LBRY)

Available in your area? MMM November 10,pm Yeah.

50 Ways Librarians Can Make Money with a Library Job

Jane November 11,am Duly noted! Oh well, even though I got hosed cabled?

make money in the library

Modern Android-phones can create a wifi-network that is then accessible on your laptop and other platforms, they only need to have a wifi-adapter in them and laptops almost always come with them from the factory.

Amplified Indoor Antenna after seeing ours all our friends got it 2. Negotiate providers every time upon lease end, bundle up, visa cash back still a loss, but for those who cant live without it. Reply Matt November 8,am I use the library for extra books that might not be enjoyable to me.

Projects, research, topics of interests are all there in the library. Books on linguistics, fantasy, leisure readings I purchase from the used book stores.

make money in the library

I think that overall I read half of my readings from the library and half from my indulged purchases. Reply Katy November 8,am While I share your love of public libraries we live in Pittsburgh, where Andrew Carnegie built elegant libraries all around our town, with fancy marble stairs and beautiful arched ceilings…and oh, the books! In fact, they are a publicly supported.

Get Rich With: Your Local Public Library

That means some of the money you are saving by not buying books, should perhaps be donated to the library. Today, in Pittsburgh, we voted on a referendum to put a small tax in place to support our public library system, which has lost a tremendous amount of state money in recent years.

But I also like to support the public services that I use, with donations and volunteer time. This includes library, schools, and parks. Adrienne November 8,am I love the library! I think of it as my netflix for books. Library events: Our local library is a hub of free events. The baby group there was my lifeline as a new mom.

How do authors make money from library books?

Now we attend arts and crafts, Lego club, free concerts etc. For a while I used to have the kids estimate how much it would have cost to buy the 20 books and 5 dvds we were walking with most days. I am happy to do this to support the additional cost. Reply Jeh November 8,am Libraries live Bitcoin chart indeed wonderful.

I spent many, many hours of my youth in them randomly searching the aisles with wonderment Sites earn money on bitcoins was the kind of kid who spent recess in the library rather than out on the playground.

make money in the library

One way to keep your book costs down is to buy used from sites like Alibris. On a side note: you seem to have great taste in books. Reply MMM November 8,am Yeah, used books and book exchanges are a nice subsitute for those unfortunate people who are not close to a library :- … One note on paying the authors — sometimes you can simply find their website and send them a donation through tiptheweb.