Demo transactions, Design & Engineering Methodology for Organizations


    The data in the account is typical of what you would see for an ecommerce site, and includes the following kinds of information: Traffic source data Information about where website users originate.

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    Content data Information about the behavior of users on the site. This includes the URLs of pages that users look at, and how they interact with page content. Transaction data Information about the transactions that occur on the Google Merchandise Store website.

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    This means that you can see report and configuration data; can manipulate data within reports e. You cannot collaborate on shared assets.

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    To learn more about user permissions, read the the section on user management in this help center. Some data in the demo account is obfuscated, but is still typical of an ecommerce site. The demo account does not include the User Explorer report.

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    Attempts demo transactions do so result in a permissions error: insufficientPermissions. Remove access to the demo account To remove your access to the demo account, follow the steps below. You can always get access to the demo demo transactions again.

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