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Options for a beginner

5 Options Trading Strategies For Beginners | bacaniplaza.com

The premium to be made in volatile stocks that are hated by the market can be huge too, dwarfing the income received by your average dividend. But, the options market is rife with risks. What I will try here is this.

If you want to start trading options, the first step is to clear up some of that mystery.

To present to you an overview of the options market, in the simplest way that I can. You should know what the basics of options are after this post. You should understand many of the risks that come with trading options. You should get a grasp of some ideas to trade profitably— and hopefully— consistently. Take this information here, and have at it. Start small, with some play money, and especially with money you can afford to lose. And follow it. I believe options are incredibly powerful, and dangerous.

So please, take these warnings to heart. Try to really pay attention to the details of this post.

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Intro to Options Alright, so just how great can options be? This is just one example of an options trade you could make. What I do love on an options trade, is one that pays me as time goes on, such as is the case with selling a cash covered put option.

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Traders get fancy and combine all sorts of different calls, puts, strikes, expirations, blah, blah, blah— but at the end of the day everything boils down to a call or a put.

Call option: Holding a call option allows you to purchase shares of a stock at a set price. Notice that I said the life of the options contract. Every option, whether a put or a call, has an expiration date on it. The timeline or expiration date on options is a critical feature of options, and has such a big impact on how an options contract eventually is priced. See: Time Decay Put option: Holding a put option allows you to essentially sell short shares at a set price.

With a put option, you have the right to have an investor buy your shares at a specified price. Where with a call options for a beginner make money if the stock goes up, with a put you make money if the stock goes down. As options for a beginner put option buyer, you have the right to put your shares to the put option seller at an agreed upon price.

Also like the call option, each put option contract has an expiration date that greatly influences the total cost of the option contract. Therin lies the beauty and speculative danger of the options market. Instead of just exercising the option, you can trade the option, and buy and sell options just like you would stocks. And since these contracts generally track the attached stock and its price movements, you can make and lose alot of money in a very quick time, and even on very small options for a beginner options for a beginner movements.

The Options Killer: Time Theta You might be thinking at this point, why not just always buy options instead of stocks? Unlike stocks, where you could essentially wait forever and not lose money unless you sell or the company goes bankrupt— with an option you lose it all if it expires worthless by the time the deadline is up.

And as time passes, and the deadline gets closer and closer, the price of both a call or put option tends to fall, leading to losses even if the stock stays flat.

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In the options world, this is known as time decay or theta. Notice I said options options for a beginner. Well, we can be a seller too, and profit from the time decay of options to score some really nice premiums. When this coincides with your other investment beliefs such as really believing in the long term health of a certain stockyou can options for a beginner juice up your returns and get paid handsomely to wait or hold.

Strike price and premium: This is the agreed upon price for a contract to be exercised.

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These returns have been very consistent, and pretty safe. That makes it very hard to trade options, since— remember, you need to get the stock price move right and the timing right. What we have to understand is that stock ownership is just ownership in a business. And options contracts are contracts to buy or sell stock, meaning contracts to invest in a business. This is lost on options trading, all over the place.

Any monkey can guess, flip a coin, on if a stock is going up or down. What an intelligent investor can do is find good businesses, based on their metrics, and have the wisdom and patience to hold these stocks.

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And when these stocks are hated, they oftentimes have much higher options premiums due to added options for a beginner and this can be a fantastic way to profit if you have the guts to see an investment through over its times of turmoil. Calculating Options Profits from Premiums Remember back to our call and put options basics. Buying a call option gives us a right to shares. So our profit potential is unlimited. The higher the stock goes the higher our profits.

So our profit on a put is capped, but you can still make over 10x or even x on your money if the stock crashes drastically. The price to pay for that leveraged, huge upside is the premium— which gets eaten away by time decay.

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  • Option buyers are charged an amount called a "premium" by the sellers for such a right.
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In order to get on the other side of that trade, we have to be willing to both cap our upside and expose our downside to potentially unlimited losses. Why would anyone want to do that?

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Well, these premiums can be very profitable. Click to zoom And around quarterly earnings time, the premiums tend to juice up. A website that I really enjoyed using when I was first getting into options is called Options Profit Calculator.

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This will show you a great visual on how time decay really kills the profits on OTM out of the money options, and show you how options for a beginner you need the stock to move to make profits.

From there, you can click through to the different options contracts: expiration date, strike price, and of course, call or put. It will show you a quote on where the option has recently traded at usually delayed by a few hours options for a beginner give you a visual on potential profit. These profit calculations will vary depending on how much you pay for the option, which you can also adjust on the site too.

Buying a call option is also called a long call, while selling an option like a put can be called short naked put. ATM: At the money. Other Strategies and Important Risk Management Another way to play options that I have experience with is just simple day trading. Like I mentioned before, options can swing wildly during the day even as the stock market is moving at its normal pace.


An enterprising options trader can try to take advantage of these swings for some quick and heavy profits. Trading in 2020 fact you should be able to do this quite easily.

The problem is that the stock could stop bouncing up and down and just trend in the direction opposite of your put or call, in which case you get wiped out. And so all of those little profits you made from the volatility of the options get erased and then some with just one bad trade.

Click to zoom. During the first 15 minutes of the stock market being open am EST, also when the options market opensthere can be HUGE swings in the options prices especially if a stock is moving more than it usually does. At the end of the day, take what you find useful in this entire post, and find what works for your Personal Risk Tolerance. Wall Street Bets is a forum filled with dirty locker room talk, insults, and general mockery and humor— but in it are valuable lessons of people doing incredibly stupid things with options.

WallStreetBets I credit a lot about what I learned about options from this community, and I frequent the site as a place for great entertainment options for a beginner the occasional gold nugget of information or education. Where Wall Street Bets is best suited for the purposes of this guide is to show options for a beginner just how dangerous options can be if you take extreme risks with your trades.

Options Trading Strategies: A Guide for Beginners

So that does it. Options trading is not for the faint of heart. You can quickly login through your Twitter, Facebook, or Google account to write a comment. Above all, I hope you really understand that there are businesses behind these options contracts and the stock market. Businesses are built and run to grow, and as investors we can join along for the ride.

A strategy like value investing can be a much safer approach to investing your money, and be extremely more stress free than this type of trading. When it comes to serious investing, I think even the most active options traders will tell you that their retirement funds and life savings are mostly invested in boring stocks for the long term.

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