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    However, the effect of meals with variable carbohydrate content on diurnal BG excursions remains poorly understood, despite routine consumption of meals that vary daily. Fat satoshi The aim of this study was to verify our hypothesis that glycemic response is elevated when a meal with a higher carbohydrate content follows a meal with a lower carbohydrate content. Design This was a secondary analysis of a study whose primary endpoint was energy metabolism e. This crossover study was designed to test BG responses to 3 types of meals with different macronutrient contents [regular meals Rmeals with a high-carbohydrate breakfast CBand meals with a high-fat breakfast FB ] using a continuous glucose fat satoshi system.

    Search Menu Abstract A close relationship between fat satoshi and hypertension has been recognized, and plasma angiotensinogen concentrations p-AGT have been reported to correlate with blood pressure BP.

    However, little is known about AGT in obese patients with hypertension.

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    The hypertensive patients had not previously received antihypertensive drugs. However, after adjustment for blood pressure, p-AGT was not different between groups, and after adjustment a positive correlation remained only between BMI and mean BP. These results suggested the possible involvement of fat satoshi p-AGT in hypertension in obese patients, although this may be a secondary change to hypertension or obesity.

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    Angiotensinogenobesityhypertensionbody mass indexblood pressure Angiotensinogen AGTa protein synthesized principally in the liver, is catalyzed by renin to produce angiotensin I, which is sequentially converted to angiotensin II Ang II by angiotensin converting enzyme. The concentration of AGT is a rate-limiting factor in the generation of Ang II, which promotes sodium retention and increases vascular resistance and is thus important for blood pressure regulation.

    Plasma AGT levels have been reported to relate positively to blood pressure.

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    AGT is expressed abundantly in adipose tissue, and AGT gene expression increases during adipogenic differentiation.

    However, there are few studies that have focused on the relationship between AGT and obesity. We therefore examined this relationship in Japan.

    Various studies have indicated the association between obesity and psoriasis, however, the underlying mechanisms remains unclarified. To this end, we focused on high-fat diet HFD in this study, because HFD is suggested as a contributor to obesity, and HFD-fed mice exhibit exacerbated psoriatic dermatitis. These results indicate that HFD is a key element in exacerbation of IMQ-induced psoriatic dermatitis, and further raise the possibility of HFD as a factor that links obesity and psoriasis. Download PDF Introduction The prevalence of obesity in developed countries has approximately doubled over the last two decades 1.

    Methods Subjects The obese patients were recruited randomly from the obese clinic in Yokohama City University Hospital, and nonobese subjects were recruited randomly from the general outpatient clinic, in the same hospital, who visited the clinic for reasons including hypertension, common cold, and gastritis. Nonobese subjects were age- and sex-matched, and the patients under the treatment with antihypertensive drugs were excluded from both groups.

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    Their blood pressure was measured and blood samples were taken after a 30 min rest. Blood pressure fat satoshi measured with a mercury sphygmomanometer while the subjects were seated.

    Three blood pressure readings were obtained, and the average of the last fat fat satoshi readings was used as the final blood pressure measurement.

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    Secondary hypertension was excluded by clinical history, physical examination, laboratory test, and biochemical and hormonal evaluation, including serum creatinine, blood urea nitrogen, electrolytes, glucose, and liver function test, and renoscintigraphy if necessary. For measurement of the plasma angiotensinogen concentration p-AGTa two-step procedure consisting of 1 conversion of angiotensinogen to angiotensin I by excess amount of human renin, followed by 2 the measurement of angiotensin Fat satoshi by radioimmunoassay.

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    The intraassay coefficient of variation for this assay was 6. For the statistical analysis of difference between groups, the unpaired Student's t test was used.

    Univariate correlation analysis was used to examine relations between parameters. The average age and height were not different between the two groups. The obese patients were on average Table 1 Characteristics of the Obese and Nonobese Patients.

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