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Get e-Alerts Abstract Due to the world's over-reliance on fossil fuels there has been a developing interest in the production of renewable biofuels such as methyl and ethyl esters derived from vegetable oils and animal fats.

To increase our understanding of the combustion chemistry of esters, the oxidation of methyl butanoate and ethyl propanoate, both with a molecular formula of C5H10O2, have been studied in a series of high-temperature shock tube experiments.

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It was found that ethyl propanoate was consistently faster to ignite than methyl butanoate, particularly at lower temperatures. Detailed chemical kinetic mechanisms have been assembled and used to simulate these experiments with good shmakov oleg binary option observed.

Rate of production analyses using the detailed mechanisms shows that the faster reactivity of ethyl propanoate can be explained by a six-centered unimolecular decomposition reaction with a relatively low activation energy barrier producing propanoic acid and ethylene.

The elimination reaction itself is not responsible for the increased reactivity; it is the faster reactivity of the two products, propanoic acid and ethylene that leads to this behavior.

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The Journal of Physical Chemistry A42 Osipova, Tatyana A. Bolshova, Oleg P.

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Korobeinichev, Leonid V. Kuibida, Andrey G. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A16 Lin and Tzu-Wei Lee. Porterfield, David H.

Bross, Branko Ruscic, James H. Baraban, John F.

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Stanton, John W. Daily, and G.

Barney Ellison. Thermal Decomposition of Potential Ester Biofuels. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A24 The Journal of Shmakov oleg binary option Chemistry A28 Wagnon, Darshan M. Karwat, Margaret S.

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Wooldridge, and Charles K. Oyeyemi, John A.

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Keith, and Emily A. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A35 Mitchell Spearrin, David F. Davidson, and Ronald K. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A10 The Journal of Physical Chemistry A51 The Journal of Organic Chemistry

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