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    If you already filed for UI, refer to our step-by-step instructions for what to expect through the course of your claim. Latest News Visit COVID financial resources for state programs and assistance including food, eviction protection, and mortgage relief.

    On December 27,the President signed legislation to extend federal unemployment benefits that expired on December 26, Although there will not be a gap in eligibility for the extended benefits based on the date the legislation was signed into law, we cannot implement the new programs until we receive guidelines from the US Department of Labor on how states must follow the law.

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    However, we are making program adjustments with what information we have, so that when the federal guidelines and final details are available, we can complete the necessary programming to make these new benefits available quickly.

    Extends the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program by 11 weeks, providing up to 57 weeks of benefits.

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    Extends the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation program by 11 weeks, providing up to 24 weeks of benefits.