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Flexjobs — Online Job Marketplace Flexjobs is an online job marketplace chock full of flexible jobs, remote opportunities for those seeking both full-time and part-time work. In fact, many types of jobs we list on this page can be found as a remote or online opportunity through Flexjobs.

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Start Your Search Now 2. Micro-tasks An easy way to make some extra money is to start completing microtasks when you have some spare time. SurveyJunkie and Ipsos I-Say are two more popular websites.

If you want to pocket some extra cash in the New Year then look no further! Here, we round up 20 simple ways that you can make money in

Sign Up Now 4. However, data entry appeals to lots of 2020 money make so the jobs can be competitive. Some websites that hire transcriptionists are ScribieTranscribe Me and Rev.

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Possible tasks include scheduling, customer support, and administration. If you have a computer and a phone, you can easily carry out the work at home, so various companies are starting to hire virtual receptionists including Smith.

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Customer Service Agent Customer service agents carry out similar work to virtual receptionists: 2020 money make roles revolving around phone calls with customers. Store Peoples Stuff You have space in your home or garage that sits empty, why not make some money from it?

How to make money online: 20 ideas to get you started

It can be the size of a closet or a spare room or an outdoor shed. Fortunately there is a service that makes this very easy. List Today Tech Support If you have some technical knowledge, you could specialize in helping customers solve their problems with technology instead.

This could involve chatting to people who are struggling to use a web page or who have faulty software and helping them to troubleshoot.

How to Make Money Online: 28 Real Ways

Virtual Travel Agent Anyone who enjoys customer service and you have a passion for travel could consider becoming a virtual travel agent to merge those two interests together. Dropshipping Dropshipping allows you to sell goods without ever having to hold a physical inventory of your products.

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A third party like Shopify will store and deliver the stock for you at the price of taking a commission. Your role is to list the items on your website at a price large enough for you to be able 2020 money make make a profit after commission. It can be especially profitable if you buy goods from discounted stores then go on to sell them for a higher price.


Consignor A consignor collects unwanted possessions and pays their owners when customers pay them, making 2020 money make how to realistically and legally make money in from the commission charged. This could be a viable option if you have friends and family with lots of unwanted possessions but no time to sell them themselves. However, it can be difficult to scale up beyond close connections as the people who consign goods to you will need to trust you.

Flip Items from Flea Markets If you enjoy bargain-hunting, you could make money from finding undersold items in flea markets that could be sold for a larger amount elsewhere to make a profit. The problem is that it may take a while to be able to sell a domain you buy, so patience is key. Etsy Store Owner If you have the creativity and ability to make your own items, Etsy is a great place to go to sell them.

120 Different Ways to Make Money in 2021

Start off by selling your unwanted possessions, and once you get the hang of things you could move on to reselling items you find at discounted prices in stores or at flea markets. Why not sell your own? Create a blog or website focused on email and media kits and include plenty of links and references to your own kits. Sell Your Textbooks Anyone who used to be a student — or who still is — probably has a lot of textbooks lying around.

It can be difficult to figure out where to sell them for the highest profit, but Amazon Textbooks lets you compare book prices and sell for top dollar.

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The items you can trade in include phones, Kindles, other electronic items, and books. Cryptocurrency Trader Similarly, some people manage to make money by trading cryptocurrencies using the same principle.

Graphic Designer Graphic design work is always in high demand on the internet. If you know your way around Adobe Creative Cloud or other professional software, you can make a steady side income by doing graphic design for companies.