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Rome 2 how to make money

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I think it's to encourage you to go a-conquering. Only way to get more money is to take more cities. Troop upkeep is most of what's keeping your finances down, and you need to get enough cities under your belt to make up for the huge army.

rome 2 how to make money

But, you might be forced to disband a few units as a stop gap measure. You're probably going to have to fight outnumbered quite a bit.

Total War Rome II Economy Guide (2018)

Depending on your difficulty settings, this can be more or less of a challenge. But, your hoplites and pikemen are superior to many of the Persian units, and your powerful cavalry complement this. Also, don't be afraid to use your generals' bodyguards in combat, especially Alexander's. Leave almost no garrison in your cities.

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Your armies should be taking the fight to the enemy, not sitting in cities racking up paychecks. Keep a token garrison in all of your cities and conquer with the rest, using your field armies to break Persian sieges when necessary. Other than that, it's basic tips.

rome 2 how to make money

Keep tax rates as high as possible without revolt, always exterminate, etc. Keep an eye on Sparta, as it's a pain in the neck. Focus on building public order and financial improvements to try and drag the dismal income up.

rome 2 how to make money

If you want to get rid of some units then send a few on a heroic campaign. Alexander battles are relatively easy. In open battles just use the remote earnings opportunities of the map for flank protaction.

rome 2 how to make money

You should get about kills, 10 deaths that way. And in city streets try and keep 1 unit of phalanx behind the one in front, so the tips of the spears are just in front of the people in front. That way if a unit especially cavalry manages to jump over the spears then the ones behind can quickly kill it and not disrupt formations.

rome 2 how to make money

It's alright to be bankrupt at the beggining. After you capture about 5 cities rome 2 how to make money it will start going positively.

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