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This is impressive when considered in the context of a reasonable economy, a strong U. The seesaw between risk-on and risk-off, the ongoing debate over economic data and forecasts, permutations around the U.

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So, what gives? Gold Has Dual Purpose: Portfolio Insurance for Inflation or Deflation Like other forms of faith, those who believe in gold will not apostatize, and most who do not believe cannot be convinced. My career has involved interacting with many of the most notable investors in the gold sector.

Although these gold aficionados all share a similar long-term belief in the advantages of gold, it has never ceased to amaze me how different their macro-economic outlooks are, especially as it relates to the potential for harmful inflation or deflation.

Few strategists or economists go into depth about what extreme scenarios could play out for either of these possibilities. Gold has successfully been used by savers as a store of value during periods of high inflation and corresponding currency devaluation.

The Match in the Financial Markets

Deflation, on the other hand, triggers debilitating solvency and liquidity issues which usually lead to severe market corrections, again leaving gold as a better asset to own outside of those correlated with credit and equity markets. Figure 1.

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Click here to view a larger version of this chart. Source: Tocqueville Asset Checkmate expectation in trading how to use.

Here it is, the second part of supply and demand zones trading. A zone is by definition a broader area, which attracts bears from all kinds: On the contrary, a demand zone is a broad area of support. There are ways to detect supply and demand zones and they were described in the previous article HERE. I strongly encourage you to read through it if you have not done so, yet! It is a wider region by definition that has more strength than just a single level.

Click here to see explanation of crises. Gold: A Mandatory Portfolio Allocation This observation about gold fits like a glove to the current set of circumstances in the financial world.

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Theoretical models predict that record low and negative interest rates should drive extraordinary investment in even marginally accretive economic and national projects, creating tightness in the economy, rising labor costs and ultimately inflation. That is also not happening, as equity markets are buoyant, at least in the U.

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Nevertheless, the situation is like a coiled spring, ready to fire in either direction. Furthermore, ten years of growth have left both equity and credit markets expensive and over-bought.

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Likewise, the values of infrastructure and real estate projects have been run up by historically low cap rates and high leverage ratios.

Correlation among all these markets is dangerously high, and low volatility levels signal that complacency has set it. Leading indicators of credit stress, while still relaxed, are just starting to show signs of over-exuberance. The Fed is in checkmate, and gold is now a mandatory, dual purpose, portfolio insurance asset.

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Treasuries are no longer asymmetrically correlated to market risk. As we illustrate in Figure 2, Treasuries now carry more correlation to equity market risks than they have historically, while gold displays low correlation to traditional asset classes and provides protection against portfolio drawdowns.

Figure 2.

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We conclude that gold provides a high degree of liquidity, more negative correlation and therefore a greater risk offset than other asset classes. We believe that checkmate expectation in trading how to use broader levels of participation will occur as investors accept that gold should serve as a mandatory insurance asset within most cash and investment portfolios. Checkmate No subject garners more media attention these days than the messaging of the Federal Reserve and the central banks of Europe, Japan and China.

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The markets gyrate daily as trading systems and algorithms parse their statements. Additionally, it seems that constant loosening of money supply is required simply to keep the system liquid. The recent unexpected Federal Reserve accommodation in the overnight repo markets is yet another indicator of the underlying liquidity stress in the funding markets. Overall, we contend that monetary policy has reached the point of becoming ineffectual because even negative interest rates and loose monetary policy do not spur enough economic activity to enable the growth rate of economies to exceed the growth rate of debt balances.

Not only is there no gas left in the tank to push rates higher, negative rates are required simply to stop the equation from getting worse. On that subject, the product of the current yield-suck vortex is that U. As summarized recently in Negative Rate Follythis fact is far more foreboding than a debate over slowing economies or the timing of the next recession. There is no way out of this negative yield quagmire without serious financial repercussions.

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That brings us to a more careful consideration of the two moves the Fed has left: 1 helicopter money, in the form of basic minimum income, and its counterpart 2 fiscal spending increases as funded by ever-increasing deficits.

Both are being warmed up by political parties across the world, checkmate expectation in trading how to use of whom believe they will be elected unless they campaign on promises financed by these gluttonous twins. It seems that U. Should the combination of these two policies be pursued with enough vigor, they may have the traction to create some desperately wanted inflation.

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Through the combination of higher inflation and government-suppressed interest rates, investors are likely to be faced with financial repression and currency debasement at painful levels for the foreseeable future. Most importantly, for the purposes of this piece, we combined the titles above to form our advice. Gold investors will be in for a good run, while the majority of non-believers are steadily converted and buy-in. We believe that gold should be overweight in your portfolio at this time.

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