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Traffic option


    When installing NetWorx for the first time The unaccessible option can happen due to one of the following reasons: You are using the portable edition of NetWorx. Local traffic exclusion requires an installed driver, therefore the traffic-ignoring feature is unavailable in the portable build.

    Antivirus or a traffic option product running on your computer prevented the LAN traffic filtering driver from being installed.

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    Check your security software settings traffic option see if you can whitelist NetWorx to allow proper installation. When updating NetWorx to a new version During NetWorx update to a newer version by installing it over an older version, the installer honours the choice you made about the installation of the driver earlier.

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    Which means you may traffic option see the option to select LAN traffic filtering driver during the current installation, and if you chose not to install the driver before, it will not be installed now. Close and completely uninstall NetWorx, then reboot.

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    Restore your backup via Usage Reports — Restore. Choosing to install the driver during NetWorx installation.

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