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    I have already created many algorithmic trading courses for the Forex and Cryptocurrency market. We have received many requests for a basic algorithmic trading course, and I have decided to satisfy this desire.

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    Please, be advised that trading on the Financial market is risky and professional education is a must in order to avoid substantial losses. The reality is that when we trade with Expert Advisors, there is some work that we need to do.

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    With this basic algorithmic trading course, you will learn how to trade with many expert advisors in one account. I will teach you how to run an optimization for the Expert Advisors for your broker and follow your account with detailed statistics.

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    Algorithmic trading is not just buying an expert advisor and leaving it to do all the job, and in this basic algorithmic trading course, I will teach you what you need to do in order to be profitable. How to trade with expert advisors on the Forex market and follow a trading account Create strategies and export them as EAs without programming skills Test the robustness of each strategy before even placing it on the trading robot training Follow precise money management, which is very important in trading Learn to test Expert Advisors on a demo account to avoid losses while learning How to follow precise statistics for the trading account with many robots trading Who is the target audience?

    In our forum, you will meet fellow trading robot training and students of EA Forex Academy.

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    Trading within the community allows you to improve your trading skills daily. If you are looking for a more advanced algorithmic trading course, please visit this section.

    Here more than 20k candidates are learning this forex robots online course. You people are able to learn how to apply and calculate the recovery factors of FX systems, how to set the limitations for the metatrader 4 optimizations and know how to export the optimization results into the excel. Instructors will explain that how to run the real tests of the algorithmic trading systems. Key points: From the theory section students will learn the topics like how to install the metatrader 4, how to navigate strategy tester, backtest, models of testing, optimization basics, read the strategy tester reports, forward testing etc.